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New Account

New Account Application

A new customer must include specific information depending on if the IFTA account is being established under a personal name or a business name. Below are the required articles of information that we must have to generate the account. The New Account Application must be filled out completely and sign/dated down at the bottom. Creating a New Account can only be done through the mail or by coming in person to IFTA as we require payment of $10.00 per vehicle prior to the account being processed. If you choose to do this through the mail, please include a copy of your proof for the Federal Tax ID number and your check or money order.

To create the new account under a business name

You must have proof of your Federal Tax ID number (FID #), Business Name, and Address on a pre-printed IRS Form or a New Jersey Certificate of Authority with the Federal Tax ID number, Business Name, and Address.

If the address on the provided proof has changed and is no longer up to date, we can accept the following as proof: Gas, Electric, or Telephone Bill. Please know that in order for us to accept these, your bill must be current and show the full company name and address. All information on it must be legible.

To create the new account under a personal name

You must provide a valid New Jersey driver’s license or a copy of one at the time of creation. The information on the driver’s license must match what is filled in on the New Account application for IFTA.

If the address on the license differs from the one you wish to use, you may use the following as proof: Gas, Electric, or Telephone Bill. It must be a current bill with your full name and address located legibly on it.

Power of Attorney and when it is needed

A notarized power of attorney is required if the customer creating the account is not present and would like another person to do the work for them. All information on the new account application and documents used must be for the person/business with intent on creation of the account. A Power of Attorney form can be found here.

Please note: There is a box on the new account application that is required to be filled in with the name used on the power of attorney.