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Changes Are Coming To The New Jersey Vehicle Inspection Program

While you may have heard that the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Inspection Program will be changing.  The current inspection process will remain the same until that time.  Please click here for answers to any questions you have about the current inspection program.

Today, the MVC operates a “hybrid” system – both Central Inspection Facilities (state-operated inspection lanes located at MVC agencies) and Private Inspection Facilities (private garages licensed to perform inspections) inspect passenger and commercial vehicles.  This hybrid system will remain, but with a few important changes.

Coming Changes:

  • Only passenger-plated vehicles will be initially inspected at a Central Inspection Facility. You can find a list of the facilities nearest you at: Find a State-operated Inspection Station

    (Note: passenger-plated vehicles may continue to receive initial inspections at a Private Inspection Facility.)

  • Any passenger vehicle that FAILS initial inspection will have to be re-inspected at a Private Inspection Facility.  For a list of Private Inspection Facilities in your area, click here: Find a Private Inspection Facility

  • All commercial vehicles currently requiring an inspection will now be inspected at the Private Inspection Facilities.  Your vehicle may already be exempt.  Please go to:  FAQs- changes effective Aug. 1, 2010: emissions-only [pdf] to determine if your commercial vehicle requires an inspection and if it is exempted.

  • ALL RE-INSPECTIONS will be conducted by the Private Inspection Facilities.  Step-by-step instructions for repairs and re-inspection will be given once the new inspection process in in place.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO?  Nothing right now.

These changes will not take effect until after a contract is awarded and customers will be notified of these changes when their vehicle is due for inspection.