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Extension of Driver’s License Photo

Extension of New Jersey Driver’s License Photo Due to Medical Treatment, Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 39:3-10f

Any person undergoing medical treatment for an illness, whose physical characteristics have been temporarily changed due to medical treatment, may request an extension of the stored photo on their driver’s license.  This extension shall not exceed one year from the expiration date of their current driver’s license.

Eligible customers should visit a Motor Vehicle Commission agency with the required documentation for the temporary extension.

Required documentation for the temporary extension are:

  1. 6 points of ID.
  2. Proof of Address.
  3. Original documentation from a licensed physician stating the applicant is undergoing medical treatment for an illness and that the treatment results in temporary changes to the person’s physical characteristics.

Prior to the expiration of the one year extension, customers must return to a Motor Vehicle Commission agency to renew their license and update their photo.  They will be required to present 6 points of ID, proof of address (visit: and pay the necessary fees.

For a complete listing of all New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission agencies, please visit

Note: Head coverings worn for medical reasons may be worn in driver license photos.