Trenton, NJ
Contact: Dave Weinstein
RELEASE: March 15, 2006

MVC To Issue a 6-Year Driver License

(TRENTON) – The NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will issue a 6-year driver license to produce an evenly distributed customer flow and improve customer service at motor vehicle agencies.

In total, only about 700,000 randomly pre-selected motorists will receive the 6-year driver license between May 2006 and December 2007. Renewal notices sent to these motorists will note that selection.

MVC is issuing a 6-year driver license to a limited number of motorists to achieve an even distribution of driver license renewals over each year of New Jersey’s standard four-year license cycle.

For instance, in 2006 and 2007, MVC will average more than two million renewal applicants each year. But, in 2004 and 2005, only about 1.2 million renewal applicants visited MVC’s 45 agencies each year.

"To confront this volume spike in the short term, we've placed more digital cameras in our busiest agencies," Chief Administrator Sharon Harrington said. "To eliminate the volume spike in the long term, the issuance of the one-time 6-year driver license is a necessity."

MVC's goal is to average 1.5 million license renewals each year. By reaching this goal, MVC will have also improved customer service.

The 6-year driver license fee will be $33; while the standard 4-year driver license is $24.