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RELEASE: August 14, 2007


MVC to End Off-Cycle Inspections
Harrington works to further reduce customer wait times statewide

(TRENTON) – In an effort to further reduce customer wait times at centralized inspection facilities (CIFs) statewide, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Chief Administrator Sharon A. Harrington today announced that effective September 1, 2007, the MVC will no longer conduct off-cycle inspections at its 30 CIFs. The elimination of off-cycle inspections will additionally save the state approximately $1 million annually.

An off-cycle inspection is when a vehicle is inspected more than two months prior to its sticker expiration date. The MVC performs approximately 40,000 off-cycle inspections a year. 

After September 1, only those vehicles that are within two months of the expiration date indicated on the inspection sticker will be inspected at a CIF. Customers who seek an off-cycle inspection may visit one of the state’s private inspection facilities (PIFs), where a fee will be charged. For PIF locations statewide, customers may call 1-888-NJMOTOR or visit the MVC online at www.njmvc.gov.

Customers should also be aware that upon the purchase of a used vehicle, owners will no longer have the option of taking the vehicle to a CIF for inspection within 14 days after registration if the vehicle has a valid sticker with more than two months remaining before it expires. In this situation, the owner would have to take the vehicle to a PIF. But if the used vehicle is within two months of the sticker expiration date at the change of ownership, the new owner is permitted to take the vehicle to a CIF.

The MVC reminds the state’s motorists to keep their vehicles well-maintained between inspections to ensure safe and proper operation. Always act promptly when vehicle problems arise and be sure to address routine maintenance issues such as oil changes, tire inflation, wheel alignment and tune-ups.