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RELEASE: January 14, 2008


Harrington applauds signing of MVC Forward legislation
Provides for stable, sustainable funding for Commission

(TRENTON) Hailing today’s signing of its MVC Forward legislation as a demonstration of the Motor Vehicle Commission’s (MVC) strong commitment to serving New Jersey citizens Chief Administrator Sharon A. Harrington highlighted the organization’s positive changes and promised to sustain its efforts to enhance security, service and safety. Harrington also praised Governor Jon S. Corzine and the Legislature for providing the MVC with a stable funding source, which will allow the MVC to continue its progress in becoming a model for excellence in motor vehicle services.

“Today the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) has taken a great stride to ensuring the continued success of the organization,” said Harrington. “Over the last four years, our customers have experienced the transformation of a once-dreaded DMV into an agency that more effectively and efficiently addresses their motor vehicle needs. MVC Forward helps to cement that positive progress.”

Thelegislation was crafted from a number of legislative priorities identified in the MVC Forward: Strategies for Excellence report that was released by the Motor Vehicle Commission board in September 2007. One of the highest priorities identified was the need to maintain various security measures taken over the last four years.

“Since our creation, security has always been the MVC’s number one priority – the continuation of the $7 security fee will allow us to stay on the cutting edge of security – both in our agencies and with our documents,” said Harrington.

Created in 2003 by the Motor Vehicle Security and Customer Service Act, the MVC has made much progress in creating a secure and efficient state agency. The latest legislation guarantees continued success by providing a sustainable and stable funding source. By granting the MVC board the ability to adjust certain fees to reflect the costs of doing business, the MVC can ensure that taxpayers are not subsidizing other areas of the MVC’s business.

“As the largest revenue generator for the State of New Jersey, the MVC recognizes the need to remain sustainable through its own resources. This legislation allows us to cover the costs of doing business without relying on additional taxpayer resources,” added Harrington.

Other measures in the legislation will provide the MVC the ability to investigate additional points of service in the future. By requiring one agency per county, the MVC can look to utilize emerging technologies to partner with other government agencies or businesses in providing MVC services at alternate locations.

“The ability to look to new and emerging technologies, as well as establish new partnerships will go a long way in helping the MVC to provide convenient, secure motor vehicle services well into the future.”

In addition to security and service measures, the legislation also helps the MVC to strengthen its partnership with the vehicle dealer industry and increase efficiencies in its service. Dealer license renewals, which occurred statewide each March, creating an uneven workload, may now be staggered to avoid potential backlogs. The licensing period may also be extended from one year to two years. 

The legislation also eliminates the draconian, one-size-fits-all license suspension for dealerships with administrative violations. The MVC now has the ability to administer more appropriate financial penalties for minor infractions. 

In addition, the legislation includes a number of administrative items that will allow the MVC to run more efficiently and effectively for years to come.

“When the MVC was created, we hoped it would be a final fix. Today’s signing of the MVC Forward legislation ensures that our organization can sustain its success in providing excellence in security, service and safety to New Jersey’s motorists,” Harrington said.