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RELEASE: December 16, 2010

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Expanded Oakland MVC Agency Makes “Cents” for Its Community
Local Businesses and Economy to Benefit from Increased Agency Customers

(OAKLAND) – Celebrating the expansion of the Oakland Motor Vehicle Agency, Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez, joined by officials from the state, local government and the Mahwah Chamber of Commerce, today cut the ribbon to the newly-expanded Oakland Agency.

The ribbon cutting marks the state’s support of business development and sustainability in Oakland by contributing to the financial viability of this mall and the local businesses that surround it.

“We are proud to have been a part of Oakland’s commercial family since December 1986,” said Chief Martinez. “We are confident the decision to enhance the Oakland facility, which is in the heart of Mayor Szabo’s revitalization efforts, is the right one because not only will it help the residents better fulfill their motor vehicle needs with a more operationally-efficient location, it will help draw in more customers for local business owners.”

The new agency highlights an additional 2,400 square feet featuring seven DDL windows and an additional nine counter windows. These changes were made to help better serve MVC customers in a more timely manner and for new technologies to be rolled out in the near future.

Funding for renovations and construction of a number of MVC facilities was established through a bond included in the Motor Vehicle Security & Customer Service Act of 2003. The funding was dedicated at the recommendation of the Fix DMV Commission when it noted the lack of investment in and neglect of the primary outlet for motor vehicle services. The funding continues to be used to enhance existing facilities and construct new facilities to better serve New Jersey residents.

“With more than 25 million customer contacts each year, the MVC is the public face of state government,” added Martinez. “The additional 2,400 square feet we’ve added here better accommodates our staff and customers.”

“It is one of the many positive investments the MVC has made here locally to continue improving our service levels and to help the local economy,” said Martinez.

In addition to modernized facilities, the MVC has a variety of other projects and initiatives centered on improving its ability to provide the core services of driver licensing and vehicle titling, registration and inspection. The MVC is presently in the midst of overhauling its core computer system, which is slated for completion in 2012, and piloting its modernized driver testing system at several agencies. Work is also underway to roll out the next generation of Digital Driver License (DDL), which will bring even greater security and utilize enhanced technology to prevent fraud and abuse.