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RELEASE: May 7, 2012

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New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Statement on NJ ACLU Action Impeding Implementation of Federal Identification Requirements

We are extremely disappointed by the ACLU’s last-minute move to block implementation of new federal identity requirements. Like other states around the nation, New Jersey was implementing the identification program to meet those federal requirements. This action adversely impacts over 3 million drivers and ID holders who are up against a December 2014 enforcement deadline. Given that the ACLU motion was filed on the Friday before the new requirements were to take effect, thousands of customers will come to the MVC today prepared to meet the new requirements only to find that 6 Point ID is still in effect. The MVC has made every effort to ensure that compliant documents would be in the hands of all customers prior to enforcement so that they would not face any confusion or disruption when attempting to board a domestic flight or enter a federal facility.

Additionally, the ACLU’s actions put in jeopardy our ability to begin offering the long-awaited customer convenience of Skip the Trip: Renewal by Mail – an initiative announced last summer for more than one million MVC customers born on or before December 1, 1964. When looking at the totality of the consequences of this delay caused by the ACLU, agency traffic will be negatively impacted as well. It is our hope that this issue will be resolved as quickly as possible in the courts and we will be able to move forward with the necessary implementation plans.