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Titles for business vehicles (corporation codes)

MVC issues corporation codes (corpcodes) to businesses located in New Jersey. Your business will receive a 15-digit corpcode that will be required for all transactions.

Financial institutions, leasing companies or businesses located outside the state that are legally registered to conduct business in New Jersey may request a corpcode.

Before the MVC can issue a corpcode, you must register your business with the New Jersey Division of Revenue and request a Federal Tax ID Number (FEIN).

The following businesses must file organizational documents with New Jersey Commercial Recording:
  • Corporations
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Domestic Profit and Foreign Profit
Sole proprietorships and partnerships are not required to register with Commercial Recording but must provide a Business Registration Certificate or Tax License issued by the New Jersey Division of Revenue or proof of registration with the county clerk where the business is located.

To get a corpcode:
  1. Scan and email completed documents or Fax completed documents to: (609) 341-3314 or (609) 777-3769  
  2. Out of state applicants must submit a color photocopy of a driver's license or other proof of photo identification, mailing address, fax number and telephone number of the authorized signatory submitting the application on behalf of the entity.
  3. If submitting a Valid New Jersey driver's license no additional documents are required.  
  4. Submit Proof of Federal Employee Identification Number (if applicable)
  5. Submit Proof that your company is legally registered to do business in New Jersey. You must present one of the following:
    • Certificate of Formation
    • Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Letter requesting a corpcode for your business. The letter must be on official company letterhead bearing your legal company name as it appears on your tax records and your official company address.

Understanding the approval process

  • Corpcodes will not be assigned the same day
  • You will receive a letter or email within 5 business days
  • You may email the MVC at or call, (609) 292-6500 ext. 5003 after 3 days to check on your status of application.  
  • Failure to complete the application or supply additional requested information will delay the review
  • If titling and registration is being handled by the dealership where you purchased your vehicle, you may supply the approved corpcode directly to them.
  • Corpcode will be assigned to the home office or to sites having individual federal tax ID numbers

Note:  It is your responsibility to insure that the registration renewal applications are properly distributed to individual locations

Change of company address
Address change requests must be submitted on company letterhead within seven days and include:

  • Corpcode number
  • Federal Tax ID Number displaying current address (FEIN)
  • Former and new company address
  • Telephone number
  • Proof of identification of the company officer requesting address change
  • Signature of individual with authority to sign for the company

Requests can be sent by mail, fax or e-mail as follows:

  • Fax documentation to (609) 341-3314 or (609) 777-3769  
  • E-mail scanned copies to
  • Mail to NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, BLS Corpcodes, PO Box 170, Trenton, NJ 08666

Change of company name
For company name changes, which must be made within seven days, contact Business License Services for documentation requirements at (609) 292-6500 ext. 5003. This includes changes for:

  • INC to LLP
  • Non-profit to profit
  • CO to INC
  • Phone number
  • Bank purchase of another bank
  • Foreign corporations
  • Name Change

NOTE: If Tax Identification number changes with name change, you must apply for a new Corpcode, and provide documents as listed above in obtaining a corpcode. 

Out-of-state companies
If your company is a financial institution, leasing company or rental company, you can apply for a New Jersey corpcode if the vehicle will be garaged, titled and registered within the state.
  • Follow steps 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 of the instructions above for requesting a corpcode and email, fax or mail the completed form to:

    NJ-MVC Business Licensing Services Bureau
    PO Box 170
    Trenton, NJ 08666
    Fax: (609) 341-3314 or (609) 777-3769  

  • OR you may scan and email all documents
  • To expedite your response, please provide contact information in your request
  • If your corporate headquarters already has a corpcode, you will be required to use that number