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Dedicated plates

Support your favorite cause by ordering a special interest license plate today.

Dedicated plates are available online or at any local motor vehicle agency.

Select a dedicated plate:

Pay a one-time $50 fee and $10 annual renewal ($15 annual renewal for the USS New Jersey Battleship plate). The plate dedicated to Agriculture has a one-time cost of $20, with no yearly renewal fee.

You can personalize your special interest plates with up to five characters for an initial fee of $100 plus the annual renewal fee. You may download a personalized dedicated plate application. Personalized plates can also be ordered online (MyMVC account number required). For more information call, (609) 292-6500 extension 5061.

If you lease a vehicle and get personalized, courtesy or special license plates, you may now get subsequent sets of the same plate. Room must be available on the plate for a subscript to differentiate them. The Chief Administrator will set the cost of the subsequent sets.

+ Treasure our Trees plates are available for both passenger and commercial vehicles.