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New resident: transferring your out-of-state vehicle title

If you are a licensed driver relocating to New Jersey from another state, you need to change titles and registration for all vehicles currently titled and registered in another state.

If you have a clean title without a lien
  • Visit your local MVC Agency
  • Fill out the sales tax stamp; tax will not be charged if you are eligible for sales tax Exemption #7
  • Complete the Application for Certificate of Ownership (OS/SS-7)
  • Pay $60 title fee
  • You will receive a receipt with the title information and the original title will be mailed to you after verification (approximately 4 to 6 weeks)
  • Even though you do not receive the title at the Agency, you may still register the vehicle, provided it is properly insured. License plates will be issued and you may operate the vehicle while you wait for the title

If you have a title with a lien
  • Visit your local MVC Agency to obtain an application to release the title
  • Lienholders must have a 15-digit NJ corporation code (corpcode) to issue a NJ title
  • Mail completed form to the lien holder – the lien holder will then send the title to MVC agency deignated on the application to release title
  • MVC will notify you when you can return to the Agency to complete a sales tax form and Application for Certificate of Ownership (OS/SS-7)
  • Pay $85 title fee
  • The New Jersey title will then be sent to the lien holder

If you have a leased vehicle
  • Contact your leasing company for paperwork to take to MVC. This paperwork will give you legal permission (power of attorney) to transfer the title
  • Visit your local MVC Agency
  • Complete the Application for Certificate of Ownership (OS/SS-7)
  • Pay a $85 title fee
  • Your New Jersey title will be sent to the leasing company

If you are transferring from a state that does not issue titles
  • Refer to the guidelines for transfer and visit your local MVC Agency

Don't know the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?
  • Look on the dash in the lower left corner of the windshield immediately in front of the driver. Can’t find it? Please check with a local dealer
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