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New vehicle registration

A vehicle is considered new if it has never had a title issued to anyone other than the dealer prior to the customer's purchase.

Leased vehicles are considered new if the initial retail purchaser is the leasing company and there are no prior sales or leases.

A passenger vehicle signifies that it is used and designed for transportation of passengers (not including omnibuses and school buses). Motorcycles are not considered passenger vehicles.

If you are registering your vehicle for the first time in New Jersey, you will receive a one-year registration for used cars.

Four-year Accelerated Registration Program
  • MVC implemented the Four-Year Accelerated Registration Program on October 1, 2004, requiring all owners of new passenger vehicles to pay the registration fee in full for the four-year period
  • If you have a new leased vehicle you will have to pay the registration fee for the term of your lease. If your lease agreement extends beyond the normal calendar year expiration period (38-month leases as opposed to 36 months), you are also required to pay for the next full year’s registration period (48 months)
  • The Four-Year Accelerated Registration Program and the initiative to extend inspections for new vehicles from two years to four, will enable MVC to coordinate the terms of registrations and inspections (Registrations and inspections for new vehicles purchased after Oct. 1, 2004 expire on the same date)
  • Refunds will not be given for any unused portion of the four-year registration
  • The Four-Year Accelerated Registration Program includes all vehicles purchased for business use unless the equity in an unexpired registration is transferred

Transferring registration
You can transfer your registration to a new vehicle and continue to use the same license plates. But the name and code on the new registration must appear exactly as it did on your old vehicle's registration. The transfer fee is $4.50 plus the prorated weight class registration fee.