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Wheelchair symbol plates and persons with a disability placards

Disabled Plate

Individuals who meet the medical qualifications are eligible to choose from one of three options:

  • One set of wheelchair symbol license plates
  • One person with a disability placard
  • One set of plates and one placard

Qualified applicants can receive one set of wheelchair symbol license plates for a vehicle registered either to the qualified person with a disability or to one family member who provides them with transportation. See the Qualifications page for detailed information.

The person with a disability placard will authorize you to park any vehicle in a wheelchair symbol parking space as long as the person designated on the “Person with a Disability Identification Card” is in the vehicle and has their ID card with them.

The "Person with a Disability Identification Card" must be in the vehicle or with the qualified person at all times as proof of disability. This card is non-transferable and must be with you at all times to utilize the wheelchair symbol parking privileges. Any abuse or misuse of this privilege will be cause for immediate revocation of the ID card, placard and plates.

Persons with a disability parking privileges are valid for 3 year periods, after which a new application and certification by an approved medical practitioner must be submitted.
For detailed information regarding wheelchair symbol license plates and persons with a disability placards, use the following links