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All vehicles, new and used, must be registered before operating them in New Jersey. Different rules apply when renewing your registration or getting a new one. You can find information for these two different types below:

Overdimensional trailers- Code 23 Special Trailer
Trailer registrations for overdimensional trailers are available at any local motor vehicle agency. Important note: You must register your trailer before applying for a permit to operate. Permits are issued by the NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT).
Elimination of vehicle registration decals
MVC no longer issues registration decals that adhere to the upper right-hand corner of license plates on passenger vehicles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and personal and commercial trailers. Customers may remove the decals from their license plates, as long as the license plate is not damaged. Download a copy of the Motor Vehicle Advisory [pdf], issued July 27, 2010.

Registration information for New Jersey residents temporarily

If you are a New Jersey resident and purchased your vehicle out-of-state, you will need to follow a special procedure [119k pdf]