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Registration refunds

The MVC does not generally issue refunds. However, there are special circumstances that may qualify.

Refund forms are available by download, in-person at all MVC agencies or by calling (609) 292-6500. The current processing time for a refund is 6-8 weeks.

Special military refund
  • If you enter the U.S. Armed Forces and have a valid New Jersey registration, you can get a refund for the remainder of the registration period
  • To obtain a refund:
    • Return the original registration
    • Complete and return a refund form (RU-9)
    • Return the original registration and the New Jersey license plates along with a copy of military orders and a copy of the out-of-state registration
Initial plate refund
  • New license plate fees are refundable if the plates have never been attached to a vehicle and no dealership was involved
  • To obtain a refund:
    • Return the plates and original registration
    • Complete and return a refund form (RU-9)
  • Note: Do NOT surrender the plates or the registration at an MVC Agency or Regional Service Center. Plates and registration must be mailed to Trenton in order to receive a refund
Refund for a sold vehicle
  • If you sell a vehicle before the new registration period goes into effect and want to obtain a refund:
    • If the license plates have not already been surrendered, turn them in to any MVC Agency or Regional Service Center (do not surrender the registration)
    • Return a copy of the surrendered plate receipt and original registration
    • Provide proof of the date the vehicle was sold
    • Complete and return a refund form (RU-9)
  • If you mistakenly paid twice for the same registration:
    • Return one original registration along with a photocopy of the second
    • If you received only one document, return a photocopy of the registration in your possession and a photocopy of your canceled checks (front and back)
    • If you paid by money order, return proof that the money order was cashed by the Division and a photocopy of the registration in your possession
    • Complete and return a refund form (RU-9)
PAAD-Lifeline-SSI recipient refund
  • If you were entitled to an exemption from Transportation Trust Fund fees and you mistakenly paid them, this is how you can get a refund:
  • Return a photocopy of your registration
  • Attach a photocopy of your PAAD card or SSI/Lifeline card or Lifeline eligibility letter
  • The photocopy submitted must cover the renewal period.  For example, if the registration was renewed for July, the card or letter must cover the month of July
  • Complete and return a refund form (RU-9)
  • Note: The PAAD card, SSI/Lifeline card or Lifeline letter must be in the same name listed on the lease agreement or registration to qualify
For overpayment or other reasons
  • Write a detailed letter stating why you’re requesting a refund
  • Complete the refund form (RU-9)
  • Include photocopies of all documents. The request will be reviewed and you will be notified
  • Note: MVC does not grant partial or pro rated refunds for unused portions of the registration except for members of the military.
  • All requests for registration refunds should be mailed to the address noted on the RU-9