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Collector vehicles

To be classified as a "collector vehicle" you need to apply when you register and make sure that the vehicle is:
  • A limited production vehicle or a vehicle made in limited quantities
  • Less than 25 years old
  • Not registered as a "historic vehicle" or a "street rod"
  • Not driven more than 3,000 miles per year
  • Insured as a limited use "collector vehicle"
To be classified as a collector vehicle, your vehicle cannot be registered as a "historic vehicle" or a "street rod." Download our fact sheet [23k pdf] for more information.

Vehicles applying for collector vehicle status must be approved by MVC. Follow these steps to apply:
  • Complete the collector vehicle application [41k pdf]
  • Submit a letter from the vehicle manufacturer, recognized car club or a collector organization attesting to the vehicle’s limited production status. Must be printed on official letterhead
  • Show proof of limited-use insurance
  • Include photographs of front, driver side, passenger side and rear of the vehicle

Mail all materials and photos to:

Motor Vehicle Commission
Collector Vehicle Status
I/M Support Unit
P.O. Box 680
Trenton, NJ 08666-0680

Applications can only be processed through the mail and will take approximately two weeks. Once you receive an approval letter from the MVC, take the original letter with raised seal, the original application, and $25 (check, money order, credit card or cash) to any MVC Agency to purchase a collector vehicle status voucher which will be issued immediately.

Call (609) 633-9474 for additional information.