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The following are the basic traffic rules you need to know before you can drive in New Jersey. For more information, read our Driver Manual.

Speed Limits
  • 65 mph on certain highways and turnpikes
  • 55 mph on certain state highways and all interstates
  • 25 mph on all business or residential districts (school zones have posted regulatory signs)
  • 35 mph on suburban business and residential areas
Fines are doubled for speeds exceeding 10 mph or more on 65 mph roads.

Seat Belts
  • All occupants (front and back) of passenger vehicles are required to wear seat belts
  • Children up to age 8 who weigh up to 80 pounds must ride in an approved safety or booster seat in the rear seat of the vehicle. If there is no rear seat, the child must sit in the front seat secured by an approved child safety seat or booster seat.             
Right Turn on Red
  • This is permitted after you have come to a complete stop unless prohibited by a sign
High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes
  • High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes (HOV), for passenger vehicles with two or more occupants, are available to improve the traffic flow in high commuter areas
  • These lanes are indicated with white diamonds
  • Accompanying HOV signs indicate hours these lanes are in operation
Motorcycle Information
  • A motorcycle license or endorsement is required to operate any motorcycle in New Jersey
  • Riders must wear helmets and eye protection
  • Motorcyclists are not permitted to ride more than two across in any single traffic lane
  • Passing regulations are the same as those for motor vehicles
School Buses
  • All vehicles must stop for school buses at least 25 feet away on any public or private road or parking lot when a bus uses its flashing red lights or when it has stopped
Pedestrian Crossings
  • New Jersey law requires motorists to yield to pedestrians
  • Look for signs that mark special hazard areas such as school zones, bus stops, playgrounds, etc


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