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Medical review

If you have a family member who has difficulty driving because of a medical condition, you should report the situation to MVC's Medical Review Unit. They will evaluate the driver and determine if their driving privileges should be restricted.

Signs of impairment and safety concerns:

Impairment Safety Concerns
Visual impairment Doesn't obey traffic signals
Confusion Drives too slowly
Disorientation Involved in multiple accidents and/or close calls
Memory loss or lapses  
Impaired or altered consciousness  
Alzheimer's or dementia  
Neurological conditions, such as seizure or blackout disorders  
Sleep disorders (sleep apnea)  

If you see these signs and want to request a medical review

Write a letter to MVC (must come from a family member, physician, judge or police officer):
  • Provide as much of the driver's information as possible: name, date of birth, address, driver license number and medical condition(s)
  • Include your relationship to the driver
  • Report the signs of impairment and safety concerns you have observed (see chart above)
  • Anonymous reports cannot be considered. Upon request, drivers will be told who reported them
  • If MVC's Medical Review Unit determines that a suspension or restriction is necessary, they will contact the driver by mail
  • The ramifications of this process are serious. Please consider your actions carefully before reporting a driver for review

Reports by physicians or emergency rooms

New Jersey law requires physicians to report patients to MVC if they have seizures, periods of unconsciousness or the impairment or loss of motor coordination, such as those associated with various forms of epilepsy. To download a Medical Emergency Report form [613k pdf], call (609) 292-4905 for username and password information.

Reports by law enforcement
To download a Driver Examination/Medical Evaluation Request [613k pdf], call (609) 292-4905 for username and password information.

To contact MVC's Medical Review Unit call (609) 292-7500 or fax (609) 341-3373.