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New Jersey International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Grace Period for IFTA DECALS 2018

Please note that you must have renewed your IFTA Decals prior to January 1, 2018 in order to use 2017 decals during the grace period. 2017 decals can only be used during the period while waiting on the 2018 decals to arrive. Please click the following link for the official notice on the grace period.
2018 Renewal Grace Period Notice

In February 2017, an amendment to the IFTA Articles of Agreement has been made to change the allowable timeframe to DISPLAY next year's IFTA credentials to two months.


R630 Display of Renewal Credentials

Carriers renewing credentials may operate with the IFTA decals and license two months prior to the effective date shown on the credentials.  HOWEVER, those carriers are responsible for filing a fourth quarter report for the year preceding the effective date of the new credentials, including all operations for the last month of the quarter. (ex. You can begin to display 2018 decals in November, but you are still responsible to file your 4th quarter 2017 tax returns).

You may file your taxes or renew your license online.



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