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May 31 2013 - SBIR/STTR Proposal Writing & Introduction to NSF



-NJTC Entrepreneur Bootcamp, Tuesday, April 23, Rutgers University, Piscataway

 **Attend for free

-Venture Association of NJ: Entrepreneurs Expo & Elevator Pitch Olympics,

Monday, May 20, Marriott Hanover, Whippany, NJ **Recommended event 


**See program descriptions in Section II. below



SBIR/STTR Proposal Writing & Introduction to NSF

FRIDAY MAY 31, 8:30 AM - 1:15 PM








Meet and learn from NSF SBIR & STTR Program Director Steven Konsek 


**See program description in Section III. below




-Department of Homeland Security SBIR FY 13.2, proposals due 5/22.

**See links in Section I. below


SBIR on Demand Introductory Training Webinars

NJSBDC has developed three 10-15 minute webinars intended to introduce entrepreneurs and small businesses to the basics of the SBIR & STTR programs and proposal writing, as follows:


-Introduction to the SBIR & STTR Programs

-Introduction to Topic Identification

-Introduction to Proposal Writing


These webinars can be accessed at NJSBDC's Technology Commercialization Program's homepage: www.njsbdc.com/sbir or www.njsbdc.com/scitech


Proposal Preparation Assistance

All NJ entrepreneurs and small business owners who have attended an NJSBDC sponsored proposal writing seminar within the past year are eligible to receive up to 8 hours of proposal preparation assistance per company, at no cost.  This service consists of reviews and written critiques of draft proposals, as well as suggestions for strengthening them.  Reviews of additional proposals are available on a cost shared basis.  NJ entrepreneurs and small business owners who have not attended an NJSBDC sponsored training seminar are eligible to receive proposal preparation assistance services on a cost shared basis.


Availability of this service may become limited as agency deadlines approach.  Proposals must fit their targeted topic, be readable and be able to be understood, or they may be returned without review.  Assistance can be requested by sending an E-mail message to rgharmon@njsbdc.com


Technology Commercialization Assistance

In addition to providing SBIR/STTR training and proposal preparation assistance, the NJSBDC Technology Commercialization Program serves NJ entrepreneurs as a no cost, one-stop resource for financing science and technology based businesses and commercializing new technologies.  Funding strategies including state financing programs, angel investments and venture capital are identified to fit with a company's technology, goals and stage of development.  The Program then helps companies identify their best prospects and will assist them in preparing and strengthening the required funding proposal, business plan, or investor presentation.


Assistance can be requested by sending an E-message to: rgharmon@njsbdc.com.


Randy G. Harmon,

Technology Commercialization Consultant, NJSBDC/Rutgers Business School;

Entrepreneur in Residence, NJIT Enterprise Development Center;

Principal, Foundations Business Development Group, LLC

phone: 908-754-3652





I.   Solicitation Schedule

II.  Financing, Networking and Related Events and Information

III. SBIR Training Schedule


I. Solicitation Schedule

The following agencies presently have open solicitations: 


Department of Homeland Security SBIR FY 13.2

Proposals due 5/22/13. www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=6e5228d95d1f55b1b5f3bbb697657fa0&tab=core&_cview=0


National Science Foundation 2014 SBIR

Proposals due 6/11/11.  http://nsf.gov/pubs/2013/nsf13546/nsf13546.htm


National Science Foundation 2014 STTR

Proposals due 6/11/13.  http://nsf.gov/pubs/2013/nsf13547/nsf13547.htm



Proposals due 4/5, 8/5, and 12/5 (non-AIDS topics).

Proposals due 5/7, 9/7, and 1/7/2014 for AIDS-related topics


There are 3 parts to this solicitation.  The program descriptions and research topics can be found at http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/sbirsttr1/2013-2_SBIR-STTR-topics.pdf


Special large budget topics for projects exceeding $225,000 for Phase I and $1,500,000 for Phase II



The proposal writing instructions can be downloaded at:  



Special NIH SBIR/STTR Initiatives (PAs & RFAs) 

In addition to the main PHS/NIH SBIR/STTR grant solicitation and their fall contract solicitation, NIH issues numerous small solicitations throughout the year focused on specific health related areas.  They are listed at: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/sbir_announcements.htm 



II.  Financing, Networking and Related Events and Information


NJ Technology Council Entrepreneur Bootcamp, Attend for Free 

April 23, 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., Rutgers University, Piscataway

The NJTC and Rutgers University present an Entrepreneur Bootcamp - an intense day long conference of speakers and panel discussions for pre-seed and early stage entrepreneurs.  The Conference is a "must attend" for early stage entrepreneurs, individuals seeking to start a technology company, pharma and IT professionals contemplating a transition and others. Conference attendees will be introduced to expert speakers and a support network of service providers that will continue to serve as potential resources for the entrepreneur.

For more information visit www.njtc.org 


Venture Association of NJ: Entrepreneurs Expo & Elevator Pitch Olympics

Monday, May 20, Marriott Hanover, Whippany, NJ

This program provides a good opportunity to exhibit and pitch your business to the regional venture community.  The program begins with company exhibits in the morning followed by a luncheon featuring a moderated panel of equity investors.  Following the luncheon and perhaps the highlight of the day, exhibitors present their elevator pitch, which is scored by the panel.  



NJ Entrepreneurial Network: A Gathering of Angels

Wednesday, 6/12, 12:00 PM - 3 PM, Princeton Marriott

Angel investors fund more businesses, and at earlier stages, than venture capitalists. The organization of angel groups is a relatively recent development which solves a lot of problems for both startup companies and the angels themselves. First, angels become easier to find, and second, the groups enable the investors to pool their resources and invest more money in a greater number of deserving startups. NJEN has made the angel groups easier to find. We have organized a roundtable featuring representatives of the leading regional angel groups to meet with you on June 12.  In addition, up to 15 early stage companies will be selected to exhibit their businesses before and after the meeting.






NJ Entrepreneurial Network: A Gathering of Angels

Wednesday, 6/12, 12:00 PM - 3 PM, Princeton Marriott



Venture Association of NJ

How to Find an Investor in a Hot Start-Up Market

Mario Casabona, Angel Investor, Founder & CEO, TechLaunch LLC & Casabona Ventures
Tuesday, April 23, Marriott Hanover, Whippany





III.        SBIR Training Schedule


SBIR/STTR Proposal Writing & Introduction to NSF

FRIDAY MAY 31, 8:30 AM - 1:15 PM








This half-day seminar is intended to provide participants with an introduction and overview of the SBIR and STTR programs including how to search for solicitations and topics that may fit their technologies and core technical competencies.  Participants will also receive instruction intended to help them prepare competitive grant proposals.  In addition, the seminar will include an introduction to NSF's SBIR/STTR program.


  8:00-  8:30 am           Registration, Continental Breakfast

  8:30-  9:35 am           Welcome, Introductions and Overview

                                    Randy Harmon, NJSBDC Technology Commercialization Consultant;

                                                Principal, Foundations Business Development Group

                                            -Overview of the SBIR Program                                   

                        -Overview of the STTR Program

  9:35-  9:55 am           Solicitation/Topic Search and Selection

  9:55-10:05 am           Networking Break

10:05-10:15 am           MIRTHE Update and Collaborative Opportunities, Joe Montemarano

10:15-12:00 pm           Preparing Competitive Proposals

                                        Roger Cohen, NJSBDC International Trade Consultant;

                                        Principal, Cohen International

                        -Proposal Format and Structure

                        -Defining the Feasibility Study

                        -Crafting the Abstract

                                            -Proposal Evaluation

                        -Introduction to Cost Proposals

                        -Lessons from the Field, Anthony Faugno, EisnerAmper LLP

12:00-12:30 pm           Overview of NSF SBIR/STTR Program

                                        Steven Konsek, SBIR Program Director working in

                                        electronics, semiconductors and photonics

12:30-  1:00 pm           SBIR Entrepreneur Success Story

  1:00-  1:15 pm           Final Q&A followed by one-to-one time with speakers upon completion of program


-NJ Attendees are eligible to receive up to 8 hours of proposal preparation assistance services per company, at no cost.

-Steven Konsek will be available for up to six 15 minute 1-to-1 appointments following the seminar to discuss the fit between attendees' technologies and NSF's interests.  To apply for one of these slots, send the required one-page NSF SBIR Project Summary in their format to rgharmon@njsbdc.com .  Steven will follow up over the phone with those companies that he is unable to meet with. 


Registration: $45 in advance, $60 after 12 p.m. 5/30

Visit www.NJSBDC.com/SciTech beginning 4/25