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          The CONCESSIONS and Agreement of the Lords Propriators
     of the Province of New Cesarea or New Jersey to and with all
     and every the Adventurers and all such as shall settle or
     plant there.

          IMPRIMIS wee doe consent and agree That the Governor of
     the said Province hath Power by the advice of his Councell to
     Depute one in his place and Authority in case of death or
     removall, To continue untill our further order unless wee
     have Com'issionated one before.

          ITEM that he hath (likewise) power to make choice of and
     to take to him six Councellors at least, or twelve at most,
     or any even number between six and twelve with whose advice
     and consent, or with at least three of the six, or foure of
     a greater number (all being sum'oned) hee is to governe
     according to the limitac'ons and instructions following
     during our pleasure.

          ITEM that a Cheife Secretary or Register which wee have
     chosen or shall choose (wee failing that hee shall chuse)
     shall keep exact entries in faire bookes of all publique
     affaires, And to avoid deceipts and Law Suites shall record
     and enter All graunts of Land from the Lords to the Planters,
     and all Conveyances of Land house or houses from man to man
     As alsoe all Leases for Land house or houses made or to be
     made by the Landlord to any Tenant for more than one yeare,
     Which Conveyance or Lease shall be first acknowledged by the
     Grantor or Lessor, or proved by the Oath of two witnesses to
     the Lease or Conveyance before the Governor or some cheife
     Judge of a Court for the time being, who shall under his hand
     upon the backside of the said Deed or Lease Attest the
     acknowledgment or proofe as aforesaid which shalbe a Warrant
     for the Register to record the same, which Conveyance or
     Lease soe recorded shalbe good and effectual in Law
     notwithstanding any other Conveyance Deed or Lease for the
     said Land house or houses or for any part thereof, although
     dated before the Conveyance Deed or Deeds or Lease soe
     Recorded as aforesaid.  And the said Register shall doe
     all other thing or things that wee by our instrucc'ons shall
     direct, and the Governor Councell and assembly shall ordeine
     for the good and welfare of the said Province.

          ITEM That the Surveyor Generall that wee have chosen or
     shall choose (wee failing that the Governor shall chose)
     shall have power by himselfe or Deputy to Survey lay our and
     bound all such Lands as shall be graunted from the Lords to
     the Planters, and all other Land within the said Province
     which may concerne particular men as hee shalbe desired to
     doe, And a perticular thereof Certifie to the Register to be
     recorded as aforesaid.  Provided that if the said Register
     and Surveyor or either of them shall misbehave themselves as
     that the Governor and Councell or Deputie Governor and
     Councell or the major part of them shall find it reasonable
     to suspend their Actings in their respective imployments it
     shall be lawfull for them soe to doe, untill further order
     from us.

          ITEM That the Governor Councellors Assembly men
     Secretary Surveyor and all other Officers of Trust shall
     sweare or subscribe (in a book to bee provided for that
     purpose ) That they will beare true Allegiance to the King of
     England his heires and successors and that they will be
     faithfull to the interest of the Lords Propriaters of the
     said Province and their heires executors and assignes And
     endeavor the peace and welfare of the said Province And that
     they will truely and faithfully discharge their respective
     [trusts in their respective] Offices, and doe equall Justice
     to all men according to their best skill and Judgment without
     corrupcon favour or affeccon  And the names of all that have
     sworne or subscribed to be entred in a Booke And whosoever
     shall subscribe and not sweare, and shall violate his promise
     in that subscripcon shall be liable to the same punishment
     that the persons are or may bee that have sworne and broken
     their Oathes.

          ITEM That all persons that are or shall become subjects
     to the King of England and sweare or subscribe Allegiance to
     the King and faithfulness to the Lords shalbe admitted to
     Plant and become ffreeman of the said Province and enjoy the
     ffreedomes and Im'unities hereafter expressed untill some
     stopp or contradiction bee made by us the Lords or else the
     Governor Councell and Assemblie, which shalbe in force untill
     the Lords see cause to the contrary, Provided that such stopp
     shall not any way prejudice the right or continuance of any
     person that hath been received before such stopp or order
     come from the Lords or generall Assemblie.

          ITEM That noe person qualified as aforesaid within the
     said Province at any time shalbe any waies molested punished
     disquieted or called in Question for any difference in
     opinion or practice in matters of Religious concernements,
     who doe not actually disturbe the civill peace of the said
     Province, but that all and every such person and persons may
     from time to time and at all times truly and fully have and
     enjoy his and their Judgments and Conciences in matters of
     Religion throughout all the said Province:  They behaveing
     themselves peaceably and quietly and not using this liberty
     to Licentiousnes, nor to the civill injury or outward
     disturbance of others, any Law Statute or clause conteyned or
     to be conteined usage or custome of this Realme of England to
     the contrary thereof in any wise nothwithstanding.

          ITEM That no pretence may be taken by us our heires or
     assignes for or by reason of our right of Patronage and power
     of Advowsen graunted by his Ma[ties} Letters Patents unto his
     Royall Highnes James Duke of Yorke, and by his said Royall
     Highnes unto us, thereby to infringe the generall clause of
     Libertie of Conscience aforement'oned  WEE doe hereby graunt
     unto the Generall assembly of the said Province power by Act
     to Constitute and appoint such and soe many Ministers or
     Preachers as they shall think fitt, and to establish their
     maintenance, Giving liberty besides to any person or persons
     to keep and maintaine what Preachers or Ministers they

          ITEM  That the inhabitants being ffreemen or cheife
     Agents to others of the Province aforesaid doe as soone as
     this our Com'ission shall arrive by Virtue of a writt in our
     names by the Governor to be for the present (untill our Seale
     comes) sealed and signed make choice of Twelve Deputies or
     Representatives from amongst themselves who being chosen are
     to joine with the said Governor and Councell for the makeing
     of such Lawes Ordinances and Constitutions as shalbe
     necessary for the present good and welfare of the said
     Province, But so soone as Parishes Divisions Tribes or other
     distinctions are made That then the Inhabitants or
     ffreeholders of the severall and respective Parishes Tribes
     Devisions and distinctions aforesaid doe (by our writts under
     our seale which wee engage shall be in due time be issued)
     Annually meet on the first day of January and choose
     ffreeholders for each respective division Tribe or Parish to
     be the Deputies or Representatives of the same Which body of
     representatives or the major part of them shall with the
     Governor and Councell aforesaid bee the generall Assembly of
     the said Province, the Governor or his Deputy being present
     unless they shall wilfullee refuse, in which case they may
     appoint themselves a President dureing the absence of the
     Governor or his Deputy Governor.

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