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             Part II: Which assemblies are to have power


     1. To appoint their own times of meeting, and to adjorne
        their Sessions from time to time, to such times and places
        as they shall think convenient,  As alsoe to ascertaine
        the number of their Quorum Provided that such numbers be
        not lesse than the third part of the whole in whome (or
        more) shall be the full power the generall Assembly viz't.

     2.   To enact and make all such Lawes Acts and Constitutions
          as shalbe necessarie for the well Government of the said
          Province, and them to repeale:  Provided that the same
          be consonant to reason, and, as neere as may be
          conveniently agreeable to the Lawes and Customes of his
          Ma[ties] Kingdom of England Provided also that they be
          not against the interest of us the Lords Propriators our
          heires or assignes nor any of those our Concessions,
          especiallie that they be not repugnant to the Article
          for Libertie of Conscience abovemenc'oned Which Lawes
          &c. soe made shall receive Publicacon from the Governor
          and Councell (but as the Lawes of us and our generall
          Assembly) and be in force for the space of one yeare and
          noe more unles contradicted by the Lords Propriators
          within which time they are to bee presented to us our
          heires &c. for our Ratificacon, and being confirmed by
          us they shall be in continuall force till expired by
          their own limitation or by Act of Repeale in like manner
          to be passed as aforesaid and confirmed.

     3.   By Act as aforesaid to constitute all Courts together
          with the Limitts powers and Jurisdictions of the same,
          as alsoe the severall Offices and number of Officers
          belonging to each Court, with their respective Sallaries
          ffees and perquisits, their appellac'ons and dignities,
          with the penalties that shall be due to them for the
          breach of their severall and respective duties and

     4.   By Act as aforesaid to lay equall taxes and assessments
          equally to raise moneys or goods upon all Lands
          (excepting the Lands of us the Lords Propriators before
          setling) or persons within the severall Precincts
          Hundreds Parishes, Manors or whatsoever other Divisions
          shall hereafter be made and established in the said
          Province as oft as necesity shall require and in such
          manner as to them shall seem most equall and easie for
          the said inhabitants in order to the better supporting
          of the publique charge of the said Goverment , and for
          the mutuall safetye defence and securitie of the said

     5.   By Act as aforesaid to erect within the said Province
          such and soe many Manors with their necessarie Courts
          Jurisdictions ffreedoms and Priviledges as to them shall
          seem meet and convenient, as alsoe to devide the said
          Province into Hundreds Tribes Parishes or such other
          Divisions or distinctions as they shall think fitt, and
          the said Divisions to distinguish by what names wee
          shall order or direct, And in default thereof by such
          names as they please, As alsoe within the said Province
          to create and appoint such and soe many Ports Harbors
          Creekes and other places for the convenient lading and
          unlading of goods and Merchandizes out of Shipps Boates
          and other vessells as shalbe expedient, with such
          Jurisdictions priviledges and ffranchises to such Ports
          &c belonging as they shall judge most conducing to the
          generall good of the said Plantac'ons or Province.

     6.  By their Enacting to be confirmed as aforesaid to erect
         raise and build within the said Province or any part
         thereof such and soe many fforts ffortresses Castles
         Citties, Corporat'ons Burroughs, Towns, Villages, and
         other places of Strength and defence, and them or any of
         them to incorporate with such Charters and Priviledges as
         to them shall seem good and the Grant made unto us will
         permitt, and the same or any of them to ffortifie and
         furnish with such Provisions and proporc'ons of Ordinance
         powder shott Armour and all other weapons Amunition and
         Habiliments of Warr both offensive and deffensive as
         shall be thought necessary and convenient for the safety
         and welfare of the said Province;  But they may not at
         any time demolish dismantle or disfurnish the same
         without the consent of the Governor and the major part of
         the Councell of the said Province.

     7. By Act as aforesaid to constitute Trained bands and
        companies with the number of Soldiers for the safety
        strength and defense of the said Province; and of the
        fforts Castles Citties &c. to suppresse all Mutinies and
        Rebellions, To make Warr Offensive and Defensive with all
        Indians Strangers and ffoureigners, as they shall see
        cause; And to pursue an Enemye by Sea as well as by Land
        if need be out of the limitts and Jurisdictions of the
        said Province, with the perticuler consent of the Governor
        or under his conduct or of our Com'ander in chiefe, or
        whom he shall appoint.

     8. By Act as aforesaid to give unto all Strangers as to them
        shall seem meet A naturalization, and all such freedomes
        and priviledges within the said Province as to his
        Ma[ties] subjects doe of right belong they Swearing or
        subscribeing as aforesaid Which said Strangers soe
        naturalized and priviledged shall be in all respects
        accompted in the said Province as the Kings naturall

     9. By Act as aforesaid to prescribe the quantities of Land
        which shall be from time to time allotted to every head,
        free or Servant, Male or ffemale, and to make and ordeine
        rules for the casting of lotts for Land and the laying out
        of the same, Provided they doe not in their prescripc'ons
        exceed the severall proporc'ons which are hereby graunted
        by us to all persons arriving in the said Province or
        Adventuring thither.

     10.  The generally Assembly by Act as aforesaid shall make
          provision for the maintenance and support of the
          Governor, and for the defrayeing all necessarie charges
          of the Government As alsoe that the Constables of the
          said Province shall Collect the Lords Rent, and shall
          pay the same to, the Receiver that the Lords shall
          appoint to receive the same, unles the said generall
          assembly shall prescribe some other way whereby the
          Lords may have their Rents duely collected without
          charge or trouble to them.

     11. Lastlie to enact constitute and ordeine all such other
         Lawes Acts and Constituc'ons as shall or may be necessary
         for the good property and settlement of the said Province
         (excepting what by these presents is excepted And
         conforming to the limitac'ons herein exprest.

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