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              Part IV: For the better security...

     For the better security of the Propriators and all the

     1.  They are not to impose nor suffer to be imposed any Taxe
         Custome Subsidie Talladge, Assessment, or any other duty
         whatsoever upon any colour or pretence upon the said
         Province and inhabitants thereof other then what shall be
         imposed by the Authority and consent of the generall
         Assembly and then only in manner as aforesaid.

     2.  They are to take care that Land quietlie held planted and
         possessed seaven years after its being first duely
         Surveyed by the Surveyor Generall or his Order shall not
         be subject to any reveiw re-survey or alterac'on of
         bounds on what pretence soever by any of us or any
         officer or Minister under us.

     3.  They are to take care that noe man if his Cattell Stray
         Range or Graze on any Ground within the said Province not
         actually appropriated or sett out to perticular persons
         shall be lyable to pay any Trespasse for the same to us
         our heires &c: Provided that Custome of Com'ons be not
         thereby pretended to; nor any person hindred from taking
         up and appropriating any Lands soe grased upon, And that
         noe person doe purposely suffer his Cattle to graze on
         such Lands.

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