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                           ASSEMBLY, No. 2608

                           STATE OF NEW JERSEY

             Pre-filed for Introduction in the 1990 Session
                   By Assemblymen SCHLUTER and KAMIN

     AN ACT designating the brook trout as the New Jersey State

     WHEREAS, The brook trout received its name from the Pilgrims
          and has delighted outdoorsmen since colonial days with
          its vibrant colors and fighting form; and

     WHEREAS, This fine species of fish inspired the Reverend
          Myron Reed, a noted angler of his day, to praise it as
          "...the gold sprinkled living arrow of the white water;
          able to zig-zag up the cataract; able to loiter in the
          rapids; whose dainty meat is the glancing butter fly";

     WHEREAS, Naturally occurring populations of brook trout are
          found in the northwest part of the State and in the
          Pinelands; and

     WHEREAS, Over 200,000 brook trout are raised each year at the
          Pequest Trout Hatchery as part of the State's trout
          stocking program; and

     WHEREAS, The brook trout is highly sensitive to changes in
          its natural habitat and is therefore, a good indicator
          of environmental quality; and

     WHEREAS, Because of a reduction in the number of brook trout
          in the wild due to destruction of its habitat by human
          development, the State has designated the brook trout a
          threatened species; and

     WHEREAS, Public support for protecting the brook trout's
          habitat would contribute to the preservation of New
          Jersey's wilderness areas, it is fitting that the brook trout
          be accorded special recognition.

     BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State
     of New Jersey:

          1. The brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) is designated
             as the New Jersey State Fish.
          2. This act shall take effect immediately.


          This bill designates the brook trout as the New Jersey
     State Fish.  Naturally occurring populations of brook trout
     are found in several parts of the State and annually
     thousands of hatchery-raised brook trout are placed in
     streams and rivers throughout the State as part of the
     State's stocking program.  This species of fish deserves
     special recognition because of the pleasure it continues to
     bring to sport fishermen and because promoting public support
     for protecting the habitat of the brook trout, which is
     highly sensitive to environmental changes, will serve to
     preserve and protect the State's wilderness areas.

                            STATE GOVERNMENT

     Designates the brook trout as the State fish.

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