Cyber Security Initiatives

NJ InfoSecureThe New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) has established itself as a trusted cyber-security partner with the public and private sector through the development of a robust information sharing network and provided a platform for incident reporting.

Information Sharing

  • OHSP, through our CIP Bureau, provides timely alerts, bulletins and advisories to critical public and private industry sectors.
  • Since 2010, a monthly Cyber Security Tips Newsletter has been distributed to the public and private sectors

Social Media

  • Social media is utilized to share relevant information in a timely manner to a wide audience.  Specifically, Facebook and Twitter are being used to distribute cyber-information.
  • OHSP uses social media to improve the overall cyber-security posture of New Jersey,

OHSP remains an active partner with the following organizations/groups:

Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center (MS-ISAC)

  • Focused on collaboration and information sharing among members and private sector partner
  • Distributes cyber-security advisories, bulletins, webinar announcements and related cyber-security documents to public/private sector partners

MS-ISAC Education and Awareness Workgroup

  • Focused on recommending the development of new - or identification of existing - cyber security education, awareness and training content for all states, territories and localities. This includes recommendation of MS-ISAC programs for annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Transportation Systems Sector Cyber Working Group

  • Led by TSA, this more than 50-member group is comprised of the public and private sector, including all modes of transportation
  • Focused on developing a cyber-security strategy for the sector, as well as developing information sharing initiatives to streamline the sharing of threats, best practices and other information between the groups

New York/New Jersey Electronic Crimes Task Force

  • Led by the U.S. Secret Service (USSS), this strategic alliance of private industry, academia and other local, state, federal and international law enforcement officials work together to protect the nation's critical infrastructure.
  • The Task Force uses the latest in high-tech equipment to deter, detect and respond to criminal threats

National Cyber Awareness Coalition (Stop.Think.Connect)

  • OHSP launched New Jersey as the first State to become a member of the coalition

New Jersey Cyber Terrorism Task Force

  • Led by NJ State Police Cyber Crimes
  • Membership includes 18 of the 21 NJ counties

New York/New Jersey Public-Private Sector Cyber Workgroup

  • The mission of the Workgroup is to share information and coordinate activities where possible and appropriate regarding cyber-incidents and potential cyber-threats that could affect the operations and activities of our critical industry sectors

New Jersey Information Sharing & Analysis Center (NJ-ISAC)

  • The New Jersey Information Sharing and Analysis Center has been established to address the State of New Jersey’s cyber security readiness and critical infrastructure coordination.
  • The mission of the NJ-ISAC is to provide a common mechanism for raising the level of cyber security readiness and response within the State of New Jersey. The NJ-ISAC provides a central resource for gathering information on cyber threats to critical infrastructure throughout the State and providing two-way information sharing between and among state and local governments, educational institutions and emergency management entities.
  • The NJ-ISAC provides the following benefits to public sector members:
    • Direct access to cyber security threat information from the State
    • Access to security awareness materials, including computer-based training modules
    • Access to a security assessment toolkit
    • Access to security policy templates
    • Access to security-related solutions at enterprise price points negotiated by the State

Cyber-Incident Reporting

Reporting procedures to the Regional Operations Intelligence Center – the State Office of Information Technology published an updated version of its Incident Report and Response Policy and Procedures.

State Cyber Security Strategy Plan (CSSP)

The State of NJ has published and continues to update its cyber-security strategy. 
The purpose of the State of New Jersey’s CSSP is to be a comprehensive, well-defined artifact document that provides a direction and indicates accomplishments/advancements of the State of New Jersey’s Cyber Security Program. The CSSP begins an ever evolving roadmap for identifying the strategies, executions and tactical methods that address the State’s security controls, and essential expansion and improvements.

Regional Operations Intelligence Center Cyber Fusion Cell

  • The New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center Cyber Fusion Cell is a multi-disciplinary trusted partnership allowing organizations to report, share, collaborate, coordinate and respond to cyber security incidents and intelligence information focused on preventing the escalation of and/or minimizing the impact of cyber threats affecting the State of New Jersey
  • The Cyber Fusion Cell strengthens partnerships with public and private sectors' partners, and provide real-time security intelligence, and sustain operational effectiveness in minimizing cyber-security threats.  The Cyber Fusion Cell consists of trusted cyber-security partners from NJ OIT, NJSP, NJ OHSP, FBI, USSS, NJ OAG, DHS, MS-ISAC and public sector managed security services

New Jersey Annual Cyber Security Conference

The New Jersey Office of Information Technology and the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness co-sponsor an annual public/private sector cyber-security conference.  The initial annual conference was held