The Exercise Unit consists of a team of full-time, dedicated exercise professionals who are responsible for coordinating and analyzing homeland security and emergency management exercises throughout New Jersey. Members of this team possess experience and expertise in several disciplines including emergency management, law enforcement, healthcare, military, and critical infrastructure. In addition, several members are also FEMA-recognized Master Exercise Practitioners with advanced training in the design, conduct, and evaluation of exercises.
The Exercise Unit is guided by the State Homeland Security Exercise Strategy. This strategy is based upon New Jersey's Homeland Security Strategy which guides the preparedness for, response to, and recovery from emergencies, disasters, and catastrophic events.
The Exercise Strategy specifically provides guidance on the following:

  • Centralized coordination of exercise activities throughout New Jersey;
  • Dissemination of exercise analytics and lessons learned;
  • Grant support for eligible and approved exercises;

The Exercise Unit, following guidance from the Exercise Strategy, enables a coordinated, statewide exercise effort that increases exercise effectiveness, reduction in costs, and a better service to the public, private, and NGO sectors.


Exercise Support

The Exercise Unit is committed to providing appropriate support to public, private, and NGO stakeholders throughout New Jersey.  A significant component of this support is access to a list of preferred vendors who are State Treasury approved and are able to provide technical and administrative assistance for approved exercises.

Stakeholders wishing to request support and assistance from the Exercise Unit, including the use of a preferred vendor, must contact OHSPExercises@ohsp.state.nj.us to request a task order form.

Exercise Activity
In 2012, team members of the Exercise Unit provided direct support  to and participated in more than 30 exercises, ranging from conferences and seminars to a national, full-scale exercise. The Exercise Unit manages and tracks all exercise activity using the Master Exercise and Training Information System.
Exercise Insights
Analysis of every aspect of exercises is conducted by team members of the Exercise Unit. This includes targeted analysis of exercise design, interpretation of exercise findings, and determination of trends related to exercise premises. METIS provides the Exercise Unit with an invaluable source of information and ensures that any analytical conclusions are representative of the exercise activity occurring throughout New Jersey.