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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions regarding NJ OHSP.

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Report Suspicious Activity

Submit a suspicious activity report online or by phone.

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Cyber-Security Initiative

What does NJ OHSP do with regards to cyber-security?

Executive Order #5 (Corzine) defined OHSP's mission as being responsible "to administer, coordinate, lead, and supervise New Jersey's counter-terrorism and preparedness efforts." The executive order also set the office's goal as the coordination of "emergency response efforts across all levels of government, law enforcement, emergency management, nonprofit organizations, other jurisdictions, and the private sector, to protect the people of New Jersey."

SAFE-NJ Mobile App Available

The SAFE-NJ "If You See Something, Say Something" mobile application enables citizens to instantly report suspicious activity to the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness 24/7 Counter Terrorism Watch personnel.


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Pet Preparedness

Thanks to modern weather forecasting technology, we are rarely surprised by natural disasters such as flash floods, hurricanes or blizzards. Other natural disasters, such as forest fires, and man-made problems, such as gas explosions and leaking tank cars arrive with little, if any, warning.

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