The Analysis Bureau is dedicated to providing accurate, timely, and actionable threat information to our law enforcement, public, and private-sector partners, in an effort to predict, detect, and deter terrorist attacks in New Jersey, through the creation of strategic, tactical, and investigative intelligence products.  These products are designed to provide decision makers with the context and awareness to allocate resources, create policy, and set intelligence priorities.  Our goal is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the threats to the state, and through our efforts and collaboration, to collect, evaluate, analyze, and disseminate information designed to protect New Jersey from acts of terrorism; terrorist threats, both foreign and domestic, and their consequences to our state and its citizens.


To make New Jersey and its citizens more secure, safe, and vigilant by fully understanding the threat to New Jersey through collaboration with our law enforcement, public, and private sector partners.

Intel Brochures

What is Intelligence?

Intelligence is information and data that have been analyzed to determine its meaning and value.


  • Produce counter-terrorism analysis that outlines current threat to New Jersey.
  • Discern trends and patterns indicative of terrorist activity in New Jersey.
  • Provide briefings to law enforcement and private sector groups on threat environment.
  • Analyze Suspicious Activity Reports (SARS).
  • Produce assessments that drive homeland security resource allocation.
  • Maintain geographic and functional areas of expertise.
  • Work with local, state, regional and federal law enforcement intelligence and private sector partners to leverage the expertise and information of all.


The Analysis Bureau is composed of a Bureau Chief, an Assistant Bureau Chief, nine analysts - five assigned to the Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC) in the Intelligence and Analysis Unit, one in the ROIC's Fusion Liaison and Intelligence Training Unit, and three at the Hamilton facility, and an administrative assistant. The Bureau Chief is also assigned to the ROIC's Office of Baseline Capabilities. The analysts at the ROIC work alongside analysts from county, state, and federal agencies to assess the threat to the State of New Jersey.

New Jersey Terrorism Threat Assessment

The Analysis Bureau authors an annual State of New Jersey Terrorism Threat Assessment, whichprovides a strategic analysis of the terrorist threat to the state.


The Analysis Bureau supports outreach programs by participating in the Interfaith Advisory Council and providing threat briefings to key members of the religious community. We also provide threat briefings as part of the Office's security outreach to shopping malls, hotels and other soft targets.

Dissemination and Information Sharing

In coordination with the NJ ROIC, the Analysis Bureau plays a leading role in dissemination of timely and actionable threat information for the State of New Jersey.  We also provide analysis on the suspicious activity reporting in New Jersey.