Training Frequently Asked Questions

Training is delivered through three different methods:

  1. Residential deliveries are held at the organization’s facilities throughout the country
  2. Mobile/ direct deliveries are held at the requesting agency’s facilities within New Jersey
  3. Online courses are delivered through eLearning platforms

Unless otherwise stated, all programs that OHSP coordinates are available at NO COST.

All the training is designed for U.S. citizens only. Additional requirements for attendance vary from program to program and are defined in the course information.  If there are any questions or information needed, please contact the local Point of Contact (POC).

Typically courses begin with registration at 8AM with an 8:30AM start time. However, duration varies given the course. Please see course announcement for times.

Identification is required for admission. Unless otherwise indicated, dress is business casual and lunch is not provided, please plan accordingly.

If prerequisites are required, it will be within the course announcement.

Up to date information as well as appropriate Point of Contact (POC) information for questions and registration, is listed on the state’s training and events calendar here. Please note: Registration methods may vary depending on the particular training course. The events listed are coordinated with multiple organizations and different POCs may be responsible for registrations.

Confirmations, including additional logistical information are typically e-mailed directly to attendees, usually within one week prior. Local Points of Contacts (POC) are responsible for coordinating information with the participants.

The programs coordinated and delivered, while available at no cost, are supported by Federal grant funding and require certain levels of attendance. Therefore, if a conflict arises, it is the responsibility of the individual to inform the local POC as soon as possible.

Failure to notify can result in the individual as well as the department’s placement on a waitlist for all future requests.

If a certificate is awarded, maintaining records are the responsibility of the individual or organization. For those with NJ Learn accounts, please review the transcript page for course completion records.

The NDPC is a partnership of several nationally recognized organizations whose membership is based on the urgent need to address the counter-terrorism preparedness needs of the nation’s emergency first responders within the context of all hazards including chemical, biological, radiological, and explosive Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) hazards.

In order to maintain the integrity of the training provided, supervisor information is necessary to approve participation. Individuals should comply with their internal chain of command for requests. If it is determined that a participant has willfully made false or misleading statements, their participation as well as any future participation will subsequently be denied.

Once an application has been approved internally, it should be submitted to the Training Point of Contact (TPOC) for the State Administrative Agency (SAA) for New Jersey, which is OHSP.

Questions and applications in regards to the NDPC should be addressed to the designated Training Point of Contact (TPOC) for the State Administrative Agency (SAA) for New Jersey from OHSP:

Michael Smith
DHS Training Liaison
609-588-2498 (office)
609-631-4926 (fax)

Accounts are available for New Jersey certified first responders.

To request an account, click on the “New User Registration Request”, under the log on space. Complete the required information and the request will be reviewed for compliance. If additional information is needed, OHSP personnel will contact the designated supervisor to confirm.

Passwords can be reset by OHSP personnel. To request a password reset, email us.

Contact the Helpdesk at 888-463-0252 for questions relating to operational use, compatibility, and functionality. For questions relating to assignments, roles, passwords, or any other assistance, email the OHSP training bureau here.

To sign up for an online course on NJLearn, individuals should begin by clicking on the “Request Registration from your supervisor” for the specified course. A supervisor will then approve the request and it will become available.

Individuals who have recently transferred and have existing NJLearn accounts should send an email for additional assistance.