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About Us

NJ Info Secure is developed and maintained by the Statewide Office of Information Security (SOIS Incident telephone hotline (609)-777-0801) and is governed by the New Jersey Office of Information Technology(NJOIT). As the State's central information technology (IT) organization, NJOIT is responsible for managing and delivering IT and telecommunications infrastructure services within the executive branch of state government.

Mission Statement

The Office of Information Technology’s Statewide Office of Information Security mission is to develop, recommend and implement an Enterprise Security Framework to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets, data, systems, services and networks that deliver communications and maintain information in order to enable business processes and ensure electronic service delivery on behalf of the citizens of New Jersey.

The Statewide Office of Information Security is charged with developing security policies, standards and procedures as well as programs and solutions for executive branch agencies, employees, contractors and business partners who operate, manage or implement IT services or equipment in support of state business functions.

Statewide Office of Information Security Goal and Objectives:

The goal of this unit is to proactively provide security for state business assets and enhance responses to security incidents as they occur throughout the executive branch of state government. In order to achieve this goal, the following objectives are envisioned:
  • Development of a governance model for information security to ensure that appropriate risk management requirements of information assets are met in order to ensure alignment with business objectives. In addition, this oversight will elevate the business of protecting assets from a tactical to a strategic position in order to better prepare for information asset protection.
  • Establishment of a clearly defined Enterprise Information Security Management Framework across all New Jersey state government departments and agencies to ensure that all information assets are protected uniformly.
  • Enhancement of communications and collaboration between various levels of government and the private sector to provide improved information sharing and analysis. This includes the creation of an NJ-ISAC program coupled with enhanced intra-agency communication and incident response protocols.
  • Development of a comprehensive enterprise-wide security awareness and training program for both technical and non-technical employees as well as providing information security resources and updates to citizens.

These efforts will help strengthen and secure a united front in protecting New Jersey’s cyber investments.