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March 15, 2013


National Donations Management Systems Remains Activated in NJ

WEST TRENTON, N.J. - It has been over four months since Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey, the second costliest natural disaster to strike in the U.S.  To date, over 258,580 New Jerseyans have registered for FEMA assistance, with over $359 million approved.

In order to aid long-term recovery efforts, the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has continued to activate the New Jersey State Donations Management Plan, in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Donations Management Network.  It is using a FEMA-funded, web-based donations management tool called the National Donations Management Network (AidMatrix) to add efficiency and accountability to the donations management process.

New Jersey’s private-non-profit, voluntary, faith-based and community organizations have provided assistance to Hurricane Sandy survivors by providing meals, clean-up kits, volunteer assistance with debris removal and clean-up, clothing, household items, hygiene kits, case management and countless other goods, supplies and services needed to help survivors transition from response into recovery.  As the needs of disaster survivors continue, the resources of these service organizations need to be replenished.

Through the National Donations Management Network, the OEM has the ability to accept and distribute donated goods to those in need.   Visit the website at www.ndmn.us/nj, view the specific items requested, and donate based on the need.  The donated item will then be allocated or offered to the appropriate organization to accept and distribute to Sandy survivors.

By using the National Donations Management Network, and by working in partnership with State and County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters, the OEM will screen offers for donated goods and allocate them to the areas where the need for specific items has been identified. Private-non-profit organizations can provide receipts for tax purposes.

There is a link to the National Donations Management Network on the following Web sites:

NJ Office of Emergency Management:   www.ready.nj.gov

AIDMATRIX NJ Portal:   www.ndmn.us/nj

About Aid Matrix: http://aidmatrixnetwork.org/

FEMA Hurricane Sandy Page – State of NJ:  http://www.fema.gov/disaster/4086

For information by phone, contact:

Cathy McCann, Vice President of Operations |Community FoodBank of New Jersey &
NJ Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster: 908-242-3960

Frequently Asked Questions:   The National Donations Management Network - Powered by the Aidmatrix Network®

  • What is the National Donations Management Network (NDMN)?
    • The National Donations Management Network, powered by the Aidmatrix Network, is a public-private partnership between the state of New Jersey, the New Jersey Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NJVOAD) and the public.
    • The Aidmatrix Network® is a national disaster relief coordination system funded by FEMA, The UPS Foundation, Accenture, and the Aidmatrix Foundation, Inc. to better manage unsolicited donations and volunteers.
  • How does the National Donations Management Network, work?
    • Donors make offers to the State
    • Online donation tools are integrated into the State website where donors make donations of goods and services.  In some cases, the state is also able to accept phone offers, which will then be entered into the Aidmatrix program.   At this this time, all offers will be accepted online, not by phone.
    • The Donation Coordination Team Allocates offers to the State and County VOAD’s.
    • Donations management software replaces pen and paper record keeping. Offers can quickly be shared with VOAD members and processed once accepted. Administrative burdens are lessened, allowing valuable resources to focus on relief work.
    • VOAD Members review, accept and receive Offers
      VOAD members can view, accept offers and process donations 24x7 online.  Real-time inventory tracking, sorting and distribution tools enable goods to move in and out quickly. Offers and needs are easily communicated and matched. The result:   More relief is delivered to more people in need.
  • Where do I go to make a donation via to National Donations Management Network?
    • There is a link to the National Donations Management Network on the following Web sites:

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