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Disaster Services

Disaster Preparedness for People With Disabilities


(Note: Original Material for Appendix B: Disaster Supplies Calendar supplied by Chevron Real Estate Management Company © 1994.)

This Disaster Supplies Calendar is intended to help you prepare for disasters before they happen. Using the calendar, you can assemble a disaster supplies kit in small steps over a five-month period. Check off items you gather each week. Remember to change and replace perishable supplies (such as food and water) every six months.

* Purchase one for each member of the household.

Grocery Store

1 gallon water*
1 jar peanut butter
1 large can juice*
1 can meat*
Hand-operated can opener
Permanent marking pen
Also, pet food, diapers, and baby food, if needed.

To Do

Find out what kinds of disasters can happen in your area.
Date each perishable food item using marking pen.

Hardware Store

Heavy cotton or hemp rope
Duct tape
2 flashlights with batteries
Matches in waterproof container
Also, a leash or carrier for your pet.

To Do

Complete a personal assessment of your needs and your resources for meeting your needs in a changed disaster environment.

Grocery Store

1 gallon water*
1 can meat*
1 can fruit*
Feminine hygiene supplies
Paper and pencil
Map of the area
Aspirin or nonaspirin pain reliever
Also, 1 gallon of water for each pet.

To Do

Create a personal support network who can help you identify and obtain the resources you will need to cope effectively with disaster.

Hardware Store

Patch kit and can of seal-in-air product for the tires of mobility aids
Signal flare
Also, extra medications or prescriptions marked "emergency use."

To Do

Develop a personal disaster plan.
Give copies of the following lists to your network: emergency information list, medical information list, disability-related supplies and special equipment list, and personal disaster plan.

Grocery Store

1 gallon water*
1 can meat*
1 can fruit*
1 can vegetables*
2 rolls toilet paper
Extra toothbrush
Travel size toothpaste
Also, special food for special diets, if needed.

To Do

Make a floor plan of your home including primary escape routes.
Identify safe places to go to in case of fire, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, and flood.
Practice a fire drill, tornado drill, and earthquake drill with your network.

First Aid Supplies

Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes
Safety pins
Adhesive tape
Latex gloves
Gauze pads
Sterile roller bandages
Also, extra hearing aid batteries, if needed.

To Do

Check with child's day care center or school to find out about their disaster plans.
Ask your local emergency management office if emergency transportation services are available in case of evacuation.

Grocery Store

1 gallon water*
1 can ready-to-eat soup (not concentrated)*
1 can fruit*
1 can vegetables*
Sewing kit
Also, extra plastic baby bottles, formula, and diapers, if needed.

To Do

Establish an out-of-town contact to call in case of emergency.
Share this information with your network so they know whom to call.
Make arrangements for your network to check on you immediately after an evacuation order or a disaster.

First Aid Supplies

Liquid antibacterial hand soap
Disposable hand wipes
Petroleum jelly or other lubricant
2 tongue blades
Also, extra eyeglasses, if needed. Put in first aid kit.

To Do

Place a pair of sturdy shoes and a flashlight by your bed so they are handy in an emergency.
If Blind, store a talking clock and one or more extra white canes.
If Blind, mark your disaster supplies in braille or with fluorescent tape.

Grocery Store

1 can ready-to-eat soup*
Liquid dish soap
Household chlorine bleach
1 box heavy-duty garbage bags with ties
Antacid (for stomach upset)
Also, saline solution and a contact lens case, if needed.

To Do

Familiarize your network with any areas on your body where you have reduced sensation.
Choose a signal with your network that indicates you are okay and have left the disaster site.
If you have a communication disability, store a word or letter board in your disaster supplies kit.

Hardware Store

Waterproof portable plastic container (with lid) for important papers
Battery-powered radio
Wrench(es) needed to turn off utilities

To Do

Take your network on a field trip to the gas meter and water meter shutoffs. Discuss when it is appropriate to turn off utilities.
Attach a wrench next to the cutoff valve of each utility meter so it will be there when needed.
Make photocopies of important papers and store safely.

Grocery Store

1 large can juice*
Large plastic food bags
1 box quick energy snacks
3 rolls paper towels
Medicine dropper

To Do

Store a roll of quarters for emergency phone calls.
Go on a hunt with your family to find a pay phone that is close to your home.
Test your smoke detector(s). Replace the battery in each detector that does not work.

Animal Care Store

Extra harness, leash, ID tags, and food for your service animal and/or pets
Extra water


Obtain current vaccinations and medical records of your animal(s)

To Do

Develop a pet care plan in case of disaster.
Make photocopies of all vaccination records and put them in your disaster supplies kit.
Put extra animal harness, leash, and identification tag(s) in your disaster supplies kit.

Hardware Store

Perforated metal tape (sometimes called plumber's tape or strap iron)
Crow bar

To Do

Take a first aid/CPR class from your local Red Cross.
Arrange to have your water heater strapped to wall studs using perforated metal tape.

Grocery Store

1 can fruit*
1 can meat*
1 can vegetables*
1 package eating utensils
1 package paper

To Do

Make sure your network and neighbors know what help you may need in an emergency and how best to assist.
Practice using alternate methods of evacuation with your network.

Hardware Store

Extra flashlight batteries
Extra battery for portable radio
Assorted nails
Wood screws
Labels for your equipment and supplies

To Do

Make arrangements to bolt bookcases and cabinets to wall studs.
Label equipment and attach instruction cards.

Grocery Store

1 can meat*
1 can vegetables*
1 box facial tissue
1 box quick energy snacks
Dried fruit/nuts

To Do

Find out if you have a neighborhood safety organization and join it.
Develop a disaster supplies kit for your car or van.

Grocery Store

1 box graham crackers
Assorted plastic containers with lids
Dry cereal

First Aid Supplies

Antidiarrheal medication
Rubbing alcohol
Syrup of ipecac and activated charcoal

To Do

Arrange for a friend or neighbor to help your children if you are not able to respond or are at work.

Hardware Store

"Child proof" latches or other fasteners for your cupboards
Double-sided tape or hook-and-loop fasteners (such as Velcro®) to secure moveable objects
Plastic bucket with tight lid
Plastic sheeting

To Do

Arrange for someone to install latches on cupboards and secure moveable objects.
Put away a blanket or sleeping bag for each household member.

Grocery Store

1 box quick-energy snacks
Comfort foods (such as cookies, candy bars)
Plastic wrap
Aluminum foil
Also denture care items, if needed.

To Do

Review your insurance coverages with your agent to be sure you are covered for the disasters that may occur in your area. Obtain additional coverage, as needed.
Purchase and have installed an emergency escape ladder for upper story windows, if needed.

Hardware Store

Camping or utility knife
Work gloves
Safety goggles
Disposable dust masks
2 blank videocassettes

Specialty Store

Get an extra battery for motorized mobility aids

To Do

Use a video camera to tape the contents of your home for insurance purposes.
Make a copy of the videotape and send to an out-of-town friend or family member.
Find out about your workplace disaster plan.

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