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State of New Jersey 2014 State Hazard Mitigation Plan

The State of New Jersey's Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) captures historic disaster experiences, and reflects the natural and human-caused hazards New Jersey faces, based on current science and research. The State HMP outlines a strategy to reduce risks from hazards, and serves as the basis for prioritizing future project funding.

All States are required to have a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-approved hazard mitigation plan to be eligible for disaster recovery assistance and mitigation funding. The State HMP fulfills this requirement and provides direction and guidance on launching hazard mitigation projects. The State HMP must be reviewed, updated and submitted to FEMA for approval at least once every 3 years in order to maintain eligibility for FEMA grant programs.

NOTE: The files are in Adobe PDF, which require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print

2014 State Hazard Mitigation Plan - Chapters

  Cover and Title Page
[pdf] 441kb
  Table of Contents
[pdf] 186kb
  Acronyms List
[pdf] 474kb
  Executive Summary
[pdf] 404kb
[pdf] 650kb
  Section 1 - Introduction
[pdf] 632kb
  Section 2 - Planning Process
[pdf] 1.2mb
  Section 3 - Coordination Local Planning
[pdf] 1.7mb
  Section 4 - State Profile
[pdf] 4.6mb
  Section 6 - Mitigation Strategy
[pdf] 1.6mb
  Section 7 - Plan Maintenance
[pdf] 543kb
  Section 8 - Severe Repetitive Loss
[pdf] 1.3mb
  Section 9 - EMAP
[pdf] 689kb
  Section 10 - Plan Adoption
[pdf] 386kb
  Section 5.1 - Identification of Hazards
[pdf] 1.1mb
  Section 5.2 - Coastal Erosion
[pdf] 4.1mb
  Section 5.3 - Dam and Levee Failure
[pdf] 1.6mb
  Section 5.4 - Drought
[pdf] 1.3mb
  Section 5.5 - Earthquake
[pdf] 3.5mb
  Section 5.6 - Flood
[pdf] 4.1mb
  Section 5.7 - Geological Hazards
[pdf] 3.7mb
  Section 5.8 - Hurricane and Tropical Storm
[pdf] 3.1mb
  Section 5.9 - Nor'easter
[pdf] 366kb
  Section 5.10 - Severe Weather
  Section 5.11 - Severe Winter Weather
[pdf] 1.1mb
  Section 5.12 - Wildfire
[pdf] 2.4mb
  Section 5.13 - Animal Disease
[pdf] 1.1mb
  Section 5.14 - Civil Unrest
[pdf] 846kb
  Section 5.15 - Crop Failure
[pdf] 1.1mb
  Section 5.16 - Cyber Attack
[pdf] 453kb
  Section 5.17 - Economic Collapse
[pdf] 406kb
  Section 5.18 - Fishing Failure
[pdf] 536kb
  Section 5.19 - Hazardous Substances
[pdf] 1.8mb
  Section 5.20 - Nuclear Hazards
[pdf] 1.0mb
  Section 5.21 - Pandemic
[pdf] 1.1mb
  Section 5.22 - Power Failure
[pdf] 1.1mb
  Section 5.23 - Terrorism
[pdf] 760kb

2014 State Hazard Mitigation Plan - Appendicies

  Annex A - HMGP Admin Plan
[pdf] 754kb
  A - DMA Act 2000
[pdf] 449kb
  B - EO #115
[pdf] 312kb
  C - 44 CFR Parts 201 and 206
[pdf] 420kb
  D - FEMA Disasters
[pdf] 1.9mb
  E - NJ State Plan Amendment
[pdf] 287kb
  F - Membership and Roles of Mitigation Team
[pdf] 157kb
  G - Capability Assessment
[pdf] 305kb
  H - FEMA Programs and Initiatives
[pdf] 493kb
  I - NJOEM Program Handouts
[pdf] 6.2mb
  J - CRS Tables
[pdf] 137kb
  K - LOI
[pdf] 613kb 
[pdf] 558kb 
  M - NJOEM Superstorm Sandy Workshop
[pdf] 429kb
  N - Local HMP Capability Assessments
[pdf] 535kb
  O - FEMA Local Plan Review Checklist
[pdf] 732kb
  P - Watersheds of NJ
[pdf] 885kb
  Q - Geological Hazard Information
[pdf] 14mb
  R - Wildfire Fuel and Risk
[pdf] 60mb
  S - 2011 Plan STAPLEE
[pdf] 414kb
  T - State Crosswalk
[pdf] 501kb
  U - NFIP Statistics
[pdf] 2.0mb
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