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Homecoming Ceremonies, Lakehurst Naval Air Station, October 20, 2001

"Most of all, " Reilly said, "I want to thank God - for bringing us safely to hell and back."
The Times of Trenton, September 21, 2001, Families Welcome Rescue Team Home, by Larry Hanover

"So many people had losses of family members and loved ones, [NJTF-1 team member Michael McMahon]" McMahon said. "The experiences and the events cause you to appreciate your family more and it reminds you to take every opportunity with them to the fullest."
The Times of Trenton, November 11, 2001 Finding Solace After Tragedy, by Karen Ayres

"Some 300 family members - wives, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons and even grandmothers - showed up and cheered and whistled and waved flags and threw flowers as the team members, at Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan since the day of the terrorist attack, arrived in five busloads."
Newark Star Ledger, September 21, 2001, Insulated by the Living by Bob Braun



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