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GENERAL POLICE SERVICES are all functions associated with the statewide enforcement of laws, the prevention of crime, the pursuit and apprehension of offenders, and the gathering of legal evidence to ensure conviction of such offenders. In certain municipalities, the division is the sole provider of these general police services. This function also includes the protection of state officials and properties, as well as the security of national and international officials while in the state.

GENERAL HIGHWAY AND TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT is the patrol of all state highways, the investigation of accidents and incidents on those highways, and the conduct of inspection and enforcement programs essential to the safety of citizens on those highways.

STATEWIDE INVESTIGATION AND INTELLIGENCE SERVICES are those unique functions essential to the identification and successful prosecution of criminal activities which, by their name, are so pervasive or complex that local police agencies are not able or equipped to pursue them effectively.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT is the statewide responsibility to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergent and disastrous incidents which occur beyond the capacity of municipalities and counties to effectively respond. In this capacity, the agency is also responsible for the coordination and support of emergency services at all levels, as well as the mitigation of the immediate damages from such incidents.

SUPPORT FOR STATE AND LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT EFFORTS is the provision of scientific and technical services in the conduct of all state investigations. Where such services are beyond the ability or capacity of county and local agencies and are requested by such agencies, the state agency may extend these services within the limits of its existing resources.

MAINTENANCE OF CRIMINAL RECORDS AND IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS is the exclusive responsibility of the state agency in order to ensure a comprehensive, reliable and effective resource for all criminal, non-criminal and judicial related functions which, by law, require accurate identification.

REGULATION OF CERTAIN COMMERCE is the oversight of individuals and practices in businesses which the legislature has determined have a significant effect of the safety and welfare of the general public and, which by their nature, exert a statewide presence.

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