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Public Employment Relations Commission
(as revised through March 1, 2016)
Current Rule Making Proposals

N.J.A.C. Title 19 Subtitle F Chapters 10 through 20

Chapter 10

Definitions, Service, Construction

Chapter 11

Representation Procedures

Chapter 12

Negotiations and Impasse Procedures; Mediation, Fact-Finding, Super Conciliation, Grievance Arbitration, and Special Disciplinary Arbitration

Chapter 12A

Super Conciliation - Health Benefits Plan Design and Pension Committees

Chapter 13

Scope of Negotiations Proceedings

Chapter 14

Unfair Practice Proceedings

Chapter 15


Chapter 16

Negotiations, Impasse Procedures and Compulsory Interest Arbitration of Labor Disputes in Public Fire and Police Departments

Chapter 17 Public Employment Relations Commission Appeal Board

Chapter 18

Contested Transfer Determinations

Chapter 19 Payroll Deduction Determinations–Representation Fees

Chapter 20

Hearings Before the Public Employment Relations Appeal Board

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