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Interest Arbitration Procedures

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Statute, Rules & Forms


New Jersey Employer-Employee Relations Act(N.J.S.A.)



PERC Rules (N.J.A.C.)



PERC Forms

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Synopses of Recent Commission Decisions (Issued since February 1997)



PERC Decisions



Other Agency Decisions



Commission Meeting Minutes (Since January 2005)



General Counsel’s Monthly Reports to Commission (Since May 2000)

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Super Conciliation - Health Benefit Plan Design & Pension Committee



Super Conciliator Resumes

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Interest Arbitration Awards (Issued since January 1996)



Reports of the Police and Fire Public Interest Arbitration Impact Task Force



Private Sector Wage Surveys



Arbitrator Resumes




Grievance Arbitrators




Special Disciplinary Arbitration Panel




Special Panel of Interest Arbitrators


NJ PERC Biennial Report on the Police and Fire Public Interest Arbitration Reform Act

  NJ PERC Salary Increase Analysis IA 2012.01.01 - 2015.12.31


NJ PERC Salary Increase Analysis IA 1993.01.01 - 2011.12.31


Mediation in Police and Fire Contract Negotiations


Eligibility requirements and application procedures for appointment to PERC’s Grievance Arbitration Panel


Policy for Suspension, Removal or Discipline of Members of the Grievance Panel

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Election Certifications (Since July 2000)

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Public Sector Contracts

    All contracts are searchable by Employer Name, Organization Name, Contract Term, Employer Category and Unit Description.

    The text of a contract submitted since January 2005 is also searchable if the Public Employer provided an electronic copy.

    The digitizing of historical contracts is being done in cooperation with the Carey Library at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations.



Contracts by Unit for Employer verification of contracts received by PERC.

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Other Information









Links to Other Agencies

    Other agencies that deal with workplace issues.

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