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Fee Schedule by Development Types
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The Pinelands Commission requires fees for reviewing development applications. The Commission's fee schedule for different development types is summarized in a bulleted guide below.

There is a $200 minimum application review fee for all applications. There is a $50,000 maximum threshold for all applications.

Please see the Special Circumstances section for any additional calculations to apply to the application review fee. If applicable, the total required application review fee is based on the calculation for the proposal type and the formula for special circumstances.

If you have further questions regarding application review fees, please contact the Commission's Regulatory Programs Office at (609) 894-7300 or e-mail questions to


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Fee Schedule by Development Types

New Dwelling Units or Lots; Resubdivisions

  • 1-4 dwelling units/lots: $200 per dwelling unit/lot
  • 5-50 units/lots: $800 + $225 per unit/lot for units/lots 5-50
  • 51-150 units/lots: $11,150 + $125 per unit/lot for units/lots 51-150
  • 151 units/lots and more: $23,650 + $100 per unit/lot for units/lots 151+ 

Demolition of Single Family Dwelling 50 Years Old or Older

  • $200 

Change of Use with No Further Development (not served by public sanitary sewer)

  • $200

Commercial, Institutional, Non-residential; Mixed Residential/Commercial

  • $0-500,000 construction costs: 1% of construction cost
  • $500,001-1,000,000 construction costs: $5,000 + ¾% of amount between  $500,001 and $1,000,000
  • $1,000,001 and more: $8,750 + ½% of amount over $1,000,000

Demolition of Structure (other than Single Family Dwelling) 50 Years Old or Older with No Further Development

  • $0-500,000 demolition costs: 1% of demolition cost
  • $500,001-1,000,000 demolition costs: $5,000 + ¾% of amount between $500,001 and $1,000,000
  • $1,000,001 and more: $8,750 + ½% of amount over $1,000,000

Linear Development (roads, utilities, etc.)

  • $150 per acre of all land included in the right-of-way (ROW) + $150 per acre of all land outside of the ROW to be disturbed as part of the development


  • $5 per acre subject of forestry activities

Golf Courses

  • $150 per acre devoted to golf course facility

Resource Extraction; Mining

  • $1,500 + $30 per acre to be mined within each permit period

Non-PDC Letter of Interpretation

  • $200

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Special Circumstances

Public Development (Development Proposed by a Public Agency)

  • 50% of the fee calculated based on development type
  • Maximum fee of $25,000 

Religious Association or Corporation or Non-profit Organization which is Exempt from Federal Income Taxation under Sections 501(c)3 or (d) of the Internal Revenue Code. (This does not apply to organizations that are solely exempt from State Taxation.)

  • Maximum fee of $500

Review of Any Study/Survey (cultural, threatened/endangered species, etc.) Prior to Submission of Development Application

  • 1/3 of the fee calculated based on development type

Non-residential Development Proposing to Use an Alternate Design Septic System

  • $2,500 + fee calculated based on development type

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