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Management Reports


First quarter

Second quarter

Third quarter


First quarter

Second quarter

Third quarter

Fourth quarter


First quarter

Second quarter

Third quarter

Fourth quarter

NJ Pinelands Electric Transmission Right-of-Way Maintenance Plan

Progress Report for 2010, 2011 and 2012 (March 2014)

Long-Term Environmental Monitoring Program

An Ecological-integrity Assessment of the New Jersey Pinelands: A comprehensive assessment of the landscape, aquatic and wetland systems of the region, 2008

Monitoring the Ecological Integrity of Pinelands Wetlands: variations in shallow, coastal plain lake communities associated with land-use-degradation gradients and thresholds, 2007

The Barnegat Bay Watershed: a report to the Pinelands Commission on the status of selected aquatic and wetland resources, 2006

Monitoring the Ecological Integrity of Pinelands Wetlands: a comparison of wetland landscapes, hydrology, and stream communities in Pinelands watersheds draining active-cranberry bogs, abandoned-cranberry bogs, and forest land, 2006

Long-Term Economic Monitoring Program

Full Report - 2013

White Papers

White Paper on Preserving Ambient Water Quality Policy Implications of Pinelands Commission Research Projects, January 2006

Clustering Opportunities in the Pinelands, October 2004

White Paper on Timed-Growth Options for the Pinelands, October 2004

Pinelands Excellence Program

Hamilton Township Livable Community Action Plan, March 2004 (9.41mb)

Winslow Township Livable Community Action Plan, March 2004 (8.80mb)

Egg Harbor Township Livable Community Plan, March 2007

Miscellaneous Reports and Information

03/22/2013 P&I Briefing: Possible Uses of Pinelands Kirkwood/Cohansey Aquifer Study

Pinelands Development Credits Summary Reports

Toms River Corridor Plan, February 2004

Third Progress Report on Plan Implementation, February 2002 (3.8mb)

Density Transfer - The Pinelands Experience 

County and Municipal Ordinances and Master Plans Received

Open Public Records Request (revised 05/2010)

Audit Report

New Jersey Pinelands Commission Audit Report

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