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Roman, C. T., R. A. Zampella, and A. Z. Jaworski. 1985. Wetland boundaries in the New Jersey Pinelands: ecological relationships and delineation. Water Resources Bulletin. 21:1005-1012. (Summary)

To provide a basis for an ecological approach to wetland boundary determination in the New Jersey Pinelands (Pine Barrens), we characterized the vegetation, soils, and water levels along pitch pine (Pinus rigida) dominated upland-to-wetland gradients. Our analysis revealed a transition zone of subtle vegetation change where the water-table depth ranged from 30 to 60 cm from the surface. This zone was also characterized by a transition from moderately or somewhat poorly drained soils to poorly drained soils. We suggested that although the use of vegetation to delineate wetlands in the Pinelands is usually sufficient, a multi-parameter approach that relies on vegetation, soils, and hydrologic criteria should be used in areas of broad or subtle upland to wetland transitions where distinct changes in vegetation do not occur.

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