Rate Counsel Reply Brief- Appeal-Verizon NJ’s Alleged Failure to Comply with Opportunity New Jersey Commitments;

BPU Docket No.:TO12O2O155.–Filed 2/26/15.

Rate Counsel Notice of Appeal of BPU Order In the Matter of Verizon New Jersey, Inc.'s  Alleged Failure to Comply with Opportunity New Jersey Commitments, BPU  Docket No.: TO12020155 dated April 29, 2014.

I/M/O Verizon New Jersey Inc, Request for Assistance Resolving Interconnection Negotiations with US Cable of Paramus/Hillsdale, Time Warner, Cablevision and Comcast. BPU Docket Nos. CO0707521, CO0707522, CO0707524, CO0707525
Verizon was granted a statewide fanchise on December 15, 2006. However, Pulic, Educational and Government programming is not available to all of Verizon's cable customers because Verizon has been unable to agree on the terms and conditions of interconnection with various incumbent cable operators including Comcast and Cablevision. The Board initiated the subject proceedings in order to assist in resolving the disagreements amoung the parter concerning interconnection.

I/M/O the Board of Public Utilities Investigation Regarding the Reclassification of Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) Services as Competitive. Rate Counsel filed testimony on 1/10/08 opposing a request by Verizon NJ and EMBARQ Corp. for the deregulation of basic telephone services for all of New Jersey's consumers. BPU NJ No. TX07110873