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This web site contains information about OPRA for the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology (Commission) You can access the OPRA request form below if you are seeking to submit a request to the Commission for government records.

Request for Form and Procedures
The Commission official OPRA request form, including contact information, is set forth at this webpage. This form contains information relating to OPRA, its procedures and a list of fees.

Additional Information Available
The New Jersey's Government Records Council  (GRC) is the central organization that has oversight of the OPRA process throughout the State government. At this website you can obtain a copy of the original OPRA legislation, answers to frequently asked questions, schedule of meeting dates, information on OPRA appeals and more.


New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology
Attn: Custodian of Government Records
PO Box 832
Trenton, NJ 08625-0832

Phone (609) 984-1671
Fax (609) 292-5920