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November 2009

Orthogen LLC, Springfield, NJ

The aim of this research is to develop an improved, synthetic bone graft material with anti-inflammatory properties and bone growth factor, for use in dentistry. This new material, a calcium sulfate/absorbable polymer composite, is expected to have considerable advantages providing a cost effective alternative to currently utilized dental bone grafting techniques.

VectraCor Inc.  Totowa, NJ  

VectraCor has developed and patented a technology that will differentiate the current mature cardiac monitoring market by enhancing the cardiac monitor (VectraplexECG) to actually derive the 12-22 lead ECG from the placement of only 3 leads or 5 original cardiac monitoring electrodes, instead of using a separate ECG machine that will require the placement of an additional 10 electrodes for the 12 lead ECG and 22 electrodes for the 22 lead ECG.  Additionally, VectraCor's technology will also incorporate the first electrical cardiac marker, VectraplexAMI, that in real-time will detect ST segment deviations that may be indicative of a patient developing an acute myocardial infarction (AMI). This is a major advancement in the diagnosis and treatment for patients with CVD.

 3D Biotek LLC ,North Brunswick, NJ

3D Biotek is an innovative, dynamic biomedical device company that will provide novel porous 3D scaffolds for stem cell research, drug discovery and tissue/organ (mainly bone and cartilage at current stage) repair and regeneration.

Edge Therapeutics Inc.Newark, NJ

Edge Therapeutics is a drug development company with 3 orphan drugs based on drug delivery platform technology that provides for site-specific, sustained release delivery of FDA-approved, off-patent drugs.  Edge's initial focus is to prevent or reduce secondary brain injury after either a spontaneous or traumatic brain injury which results in bleeding into the brain.   

Niiki Pharma Inc. Hoboken, NJ

Niiki Pharma Inc is focused on developing novel, first-in-class targeted anti-cancer compounds. NKP-1339 is an anti-cancer drug currently in clinical trials in US & Europe. In pre-clinical studies NKP-1339 has shown to be active against tumors that are resistant to standard chemotherapies.

CCS Materials, Inc. New Brunswick, NJ
Partner:  Rutgers University

Low Temperature Solidification (LTS) is a new process, invented at Rutgers University by Professor Riman, This process will be used for creating ceramic materials without the need of a high temperature kiln.

Phoenix Labs, LLC Newark, NJ

Phoenix Labs has developed and validated a patent pending algorithm for precision timing synchronization.  Precision timing synchronization is essential for the evolution of 3G and 4G wireless networks that will account for the most substantial growth in telecommunications industry revenue over the next decade.

Simphotek, Inc Newark, NJ

Simphotek will develop photonics simulation software for biomedical, nanotechnology, renewable energy and photonic materials markets.


Edison Renewable Energy Technologies Fund

InnoSepra LLC
, Bridgewater, NJ

The InnoSepra technology development is aimed at reducing the cost of CO2 capture significantly which will have a significant impact on overall cost of carbon capture and storage.

June 2008

Carbozyme, Inc, Monmouth Junction, NJ
Partner: Princeton University

Carbozyme is developing biomimetic technology for CO2  capture and will prototype additional enzyme-catalyzed systems in support of their DOE program.

Lightening Energy, Inc of Dover, NJ

Lightening Energy plans to develop and manufacture cost effective and more efficient battery modules for hybrid electric motor vehicles.

Niiki Pharma Inc of Hoboken, NJ

Niiki Pharma Inc specializes in identifying and licensing novel anti-cancer drugs and rapidly moving them forward towards commercialization. Niiki Pharma's lead compound, NKP-14, has a novel mechanism of tumor cell killing, which differs from the way other anti-cancer drugs work.


December 2007

Treadstone Technologies, Camden, NJ - $500,000
Partner University: Rutgers

Treadstone Technologies will demonstrate “short” stacks using metal separator plates for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM/DFMC) fuel cells for portable, stationary and automotive applications.

Li Creative Technologies, Florham Park, NJ - $500,000

Li Creative Technologies will develop two new products, a software package for 3G wireless phones and a conference phone for the next generation of communication systems.

TRIMedicine, Piscataway, NJ - $500,000
Partner: Colgate-Palmolive

TRIMedicine will bring the next generation protein therapies, currently in use to target cancer and other diseases to the oral healthcare industry.

NJ Microsystems, Newark, NJ - $500,000
Partner University: NJIT

NJ Microsystems will commercialize a passive and semi-passive wireless radio frequency identification RFID system employing sensors as a basic system component.

Aestus Therapeutics, North Brunswick, NJ - $500,000

Aestus Therapeutics is repositioning drug products for treatment of disorders of the nervous system. They propose to identify and validate therapeutics of novel mechanisms of action and accelerate their development to the market to help patients in need.


June 2007

ExSAR Corp, Monmouth Jct., NJ - $300,000
Partner University: UMDNJ 

ExSAR is developing a high throughput screening technology to measure the rate of H/D exchange for protein drug targets in the presence and absence of small molecule drug candidates.

Germgard Lighting in Dover, NJ - $498,000

Germgard Lighting LLC is located in the Picatinny Arsenal incubator is dedicated to infection control in hospitals. Its products include devices for sanitizing bare hands, a device for sterilizing gloved hands, a device for sterilizing room air in a single pass of the air, and a device for sterilizing surgical and medical instruments.

Knite, Inc. in Princeton, NJ - $450,000

Knite Inc. has developed and is commercializing the Kinetic Spark Ignition System. The Kinetic Spark Ignition (KSI) is an advanced ignition technology developed for automotive engines to achieve improved fuel economy and reducing emissions and a as a potential solution for the next generation of highly efficient and ultra clean engines.

Orthobond Corp, Monmouth Jct., NJ - $498,028

Orthobond is developing a new treatment for disc related back pain called Percutaneous Biological Fusion (PBF). The goal of this project is to complete the three outstanding development activities required for commercialization.

Snowdon, Inc., Piscataway, NJ - $500,000
Partner University: UMDNJ

Snowdon Inc. is working to discover novel orally active treatments for Toxoplasmosis, Cryptosporidiasis, and Cyclosporiasis, for both therapy and prophylaxis.


November 2006

LinguaFlex, Inc., Newark - $500,000
Partner University: Rutgers University

LinguaFlex, Inc. is developing the LinguaFlex “Lift,” a small implant that will be inserted into the back of the mouth to prevent the airway from being blocked during sleep. This technology has the potential to improve the lives of millions of Americans who suffer from sleep apnea.

MicroDysis, Inc., Trenton - $390,773
Partner: Public Health Research Institute

Microdysis will develop a patented molecular analysis technology to permit a low-cost platform for clinical research and diagnosis in the areas of genetic disorders and clinical diagnostics.

Urovalve, Inc., Newark - $264,155

Development of indwelling disposable intraurcthral catheter that delivers sustained-release medicamemis to discased local organ (elgl urinary bladder, Prostate, and urethra).

May 2006

Signum Biosciences, Inc., Monmouth Junction - $500,000
Partner University: Princeton University

Signum is working to enable a drug discovery research program to identify and develop promising agents from natural product leads that may affect the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Princeton Power Systems, Princeton - $330,958
Partner University: Princeton University

Princeton Power Systems is working to achieve efficiency improvements in their grid-tied inverter used in solar power. Funding will be used to improve algorithms, resulting in higher system efficiency. 

UV Solutions, Inc., Newark - $300,000
Partner University: Rutgers University

UV Solutions, Inc. is developing an innovative and efficient method for the generation of photons for the use in photochemistry. They will focus on three markets: surface treatment of materials, surface treatment of paints and adhesives, and surface treatment of skin for therapeutic dermatology.

ProFACT Proteomics, Inc., North Brunswick - $182,000
Partner University: UMDNJ-RWJMS

ProFACT Proteomics proposes to use their patent-protected technology to identify cancer-specific manifestations.