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Searchable Databases

The search engines linked below provide access to over one million database entries in nearly 500,000 documents and photographs in the State Archives' collections. Archives staff add and edit database entries daily. Our current focus is post-1886 death records. Please be sure to re-check this site often for the families you are researching.

This database indexes the marriage bonds and licenses (1711-1795) filed with Secretary of State’s Office. The data file also includes numerous references to early marriages recorded in colonial deeds books and other collections, extending the inclusive dates of the index to 1666-1799.

23,064 entries

The current index contains records filed with the Secretary of State from May 1848 through 31 May 1878. Data entry up to31 May 1867 is complete and includes exact date and location information.  Records from 1 June 1867 through 31 May 1878 are preliminary and reflect only county of registration and fiscal year.

294,534 entries

This database indexes death records recorded by the New Jersey Department of Health.  Records include death certificates, as well as some burial, reburial, transit, and disinterment permits. Data is being entered from the original Department of Health indexes, and is currently complete for June 1878 - June 1893.

394,613 entries

This database indexes warrants and surveys of the proprietors of the provinces of East and West New Jersey, and the state of New Jersey, from 1650 through 1883: the vast majority of records date between 1668 and 1801.  It includes many of New Jersey's earliest extant land records.  It includes approximately 21,000 land records, and nearly 69,000 name entries. Data entry is ongoing.

68,670 entries

On 20 December 1781 the state legislature was granted means to provide restitution for damages suffered by New Jersey citizens at the hands of British forces, the Continental Army, or New Jersey militia and the militias of neighboring states. The inventories recorded under this legislation were filed as late as 1786 and are not available for every county.

13,971 entries

This database provides online searching of the index to Supreme Court Cases, 1704-1844 and provides access to over 54,000 case references. Since the Supreme Court was originally not just an appeals court, this vast record series is extremely valuable for genealogical research in the colonial and early-statehood periods.

169,763 entries

The majority of the name changes indexed in this database belong to the record series, Department of State /Division of Commercial Recording/Name-Change Judgments, 1876-1947. The index also references earlier name changes done by legislative act, as well as a number of name-change judgments found among the Secretary of State’s Miscellaneous Fillings (Series II).

92,016 entries

The 1885 Census was the fourth decennial census enumerated by the State of New Jersey and is the earliest to have survived in full. Through volunteer efforts, two portions of the enumeration have been indexed.

69,302 entries

This database provides access to 82,467 name entries in an electronic version of Adjutant General William S. Stryker's two-volume Record of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War, 1861-1865, which was originally published by the State of New Jersey in 1876. The electronic version is hosted on the website of the New Jersey State Library.

82,467 entries

New Jersey’s Civil War-period treasury vouchers collection includes New Jersey's payment receipts for military expenditures and wartime purchases from 1861-1866; soldiers' discharge final pay certificates; affidavits of family members for deceased soldiers' pay due; and county and city quarterly returns listing soldiers’ families and dependant mothers who received subsistence pay during their service.

113,598 entries

More than 3,400 New Jersey men were killed in action or otherwise died while in United States service during World War I, 1917-1918. In late 1919, the U.S. War Department issued, to the adjutant generals of each state, sample cards for the recording of service information for deceased soldiers and sailors.  This database includes name entries, linked to an information card or photograph, or often both.

3,427 entries

This database indexes 7,160 photographs from the Department of Agriculture Photograph collection held at the New Jersey State Archives.  Currently, just over 2,900 photographs have scanned images available.

7,110 entries

This database indexes photographs collected by the New Jersey National Guard. The photographs range from the mid-19th century through the 1980s, with the majority taken before 1945. The database also includes the full contents of Warren G. Holmes's Scrapbook, created by him while serving with the Essex Troop before and during the Mexican Border War, ca. 1915-1916.

1,039 entries

This database indexes and displays nearly 4,000 images produced or collected by the Writer’s Project/Program for use as illustrations in their publications. They include original photography depicting New Jersey sites, people and activities in the 1930s-40s as well as copy work. Subjects include historic buildings, local industry (e.g., factory workers in Paterson; shipbuilding in Camden), recreation, famous New Jerseyans, etc.
3,911 entries