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NJSM Early Learning Resources
Created especially for preschool and pre-K, these programs are designed to teach science, history and art through creative play, crafts, stories and song. Reservations required. Space is limited to 25 students at a time. Contact Jeffrey Arico at (609) 292-1382.
Backyard Tweets - How New Jersey Wildlife Communicates
Backyard Tweets How NJ Wildlife Communicates
$2 per student

Young scientists launch their studies by investigating the world around them-beginning in their own backyard! Meet specimens from the Museum’s natural history collection along the way to learn how New Jersey’s wildlife communicates through sound, body language, scent, and color. This interactive program features object based learning as well as music, dance and imaginative play.
Paint Me a Story - Children painting
Paint Me a Story
$2 per student
Art and storytelling go hand in hand, as visual literacy promotes both print literacy and language development. Children learn to “read” objects and images long before they learn to read words. Children engage with art while they explore color, themes, and feelings in different settings. Children will paint their own stories, creating unique artwork. Students’ pieces are bound and mailed back to the school as a keepsake.
Stars and Shapes Forever - Children modelling the solar system
Stars and Shapes Forever
$3 per student - Includes Planetarium show
First stop is the animated Planetarium show, The Little Star That Could, followed by an interactive workshop. Children enjoy modelling our solar system, orbiting the sun with colorful inflatable planets, and compare the sizes of objects in the Universe. Each child gets to decorate their own star to take home. A great way to introduce young children to the Planetarium and galaxy!