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Exhibition Guided Tours

Exhibition tours are free and created to enhance your visit to the Museum, providing an in-depth and unique perspective on exhibitions and objects. All guided tours are recommended for grades 2-12 and each tour is adapted to fit your classroom’s developmental level. We can even tailor the tour to your specific learning objectives, mixed age group or special needs. For reservations call (609) 292-6310.

Current Exhibit Tours Available
American Perspectives: The Fine Art Collection
In this exhibit, your students will see art by well-known artists including Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe, Roy Lichtenstein, Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence and many more. Students will see the diversity of voices and visions found in 19th through 21st century American art and explore how world and US events (historical, political, cultural, etc.) impacted artists.
Pretty Big things: Stories of New Jersey History
Do you know which American presidents have historical ties to our state? Can you name the symbols found on the Great Seal of the State of New Jersey? Learn the answers to these big questions of New Jersey history in Pretty Big Things: Stories of New Jersey History. This educational exhibit takes students on a journey into unknown stories of New Jersey history using some of the "biggest" artifacts from the Museum's collection.
New Jersey’s Original People
This exhibit explains the story of the migration of Paleoindians across New Jersey and how they adapted to the changing climate beginning 13,000 years ago. Students can become scientific investigators to uncover what early inhabitants ate. They can see Paleoindian tools and guess their modern counterparts. Students can even touch a variety of materials used for making pots. An adjacent gallery, "The Science of Archaeology," provides students with an opportunity to encounter an "active" dig site.
Self-Guided Experiences
If you would prefer to tour the Museum on your own, we welcome self-directed groups. You do not need a reservation to visit the Museum, but if you plan on seeing a show or attending a workshop, be sure to make reservations for those activities. You may also call ahead to find out how crowded the Museum will be when you visit, what your lunch options might be, or talk with an educator to help plan your trip.

When preparing for your self-directed visit, we recommend that you check our website to learn more about the exhibitions on display and download a Museum map or some in-gallery activities to do with your students. If you have never visited before it’s a good idea to preview the Museum to plan your group activities. We are always free so you can stop by anytime you have a moment.