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Learning Labs and Studio Experiences
Advance reservations are required. Call (609) 292-1382 for information and reservations. Length: 45 minutes, Cost: $3 per student. Maximum 30 students per workshop session. Groups larger than 30 students may be split to rotate through workshops and other activities. Our team will help schedule your day!
Digging for Dinosaurs!
Digging for Dinosaurs!
Grades: 2 to 7
Join a mock dig and excavate real fossils! Young paleontologists reconstruct a model dinosaur skull, discovering and interpreting evidence of New Jersey’s prehistoric past. After your workshop, visit the Paleo Lab and explore Written in the Rocks: Fossil Tales of New Jersey.
Grades: 4 to 12
Shake things up in this earth science lab with an engineering twist. Digging into earthquakes and plate tectonics, teams undertake an engineering design challenge, building and testing seismometers.
Grades: K to 6
What do human hair, an astronaut’s spacesuit and a rubber ball have in common? It’s all about chemistry! This messy, inquiry-based lab experience highlighting New Jersey’s history of innovation is a student favorite.
Muscle Mania
Grades: 2 to 6
Explore levers, tension and robotic systems like those used in space exploration. Construct a robotic arm to play simple games in this fun exploration of robotics and human anatomy.
Lenape Craft Traditions -  Girls Making Baskets
Lenape Craft Traditions
Grades: 2 to 5
The Lenape of New Jersey used natural resources to craft distinctive baskets and items for daily use and trade. Engaging in object-based learning, examine the materials and designs created by Lenape people, and weave a baskets while listening to a Lenape story.
What is a Portrait? - Young Girl Drawing
What is a Portrait?
Grades: 2 to 8
Portraits display a person’s likeness and share important clues about their life. Our inquiry-based studio experience draws on the Fine Art collection to identify portrait styles and media as students create their own portraits.