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Thursday Theater in the NJSM Auditorium
Choose performances based in science, literature or social studies. We are committed to offering children a live theater experience that engages and inspires, for the amazingly low cost of $3 per person. Don’t miss out!

NEW Showtime: 11:15 am
Length: 45 minutes

Cost: $3 per person, including teachers & chaperones (Trenton Public Schools attend performances FREE of charge)

Group Size: Groups of all sizes, including homeschools, are welcome. Advance reservations and payment are required for all groups.
2018 Season
Bright Star Children’s Theatre: Black History Heroes, Soldiers and Spies
February 22

Share unique and exciting stories from Black History! Captivated audiences follow Buffalo Soldiers exploring the American West, take flight with Tuskegee Airmen in WWII, and meet Mary Elizabeth Bowser, a Union spy during the Civil War. To explore New Jersey’s stories visit the exhibit, Pretty Big Things.

Appropriate for grades 3-12.
Study Guide: Black History Heroes, Soldiers and Spies
Mad Science: Sounds Like Science
March 15

Highlight children’s sense of sound! Audiences participate to discover how sound waves travel, create a storm complete with rain, thunder and lighting, and hear the roar of Rex the T-Rex.

Appropriate for Preschool-1st grade.
Thunderbird American Indian Dancers: Yah-Oh-Way
March 22

Yah-Oh-Way, meaning “it is good” in Hopi, highlights the complexity of Native American societies. Honor and celebrate history and cultural diversity of Native peoples through songs, dances, and traditions of many North American tribes. To explore more about Native American Societies visit the new exhibit, Hearth and Home.

Appropriate for grades K-12.
Academy of Natural Sciences: Everybody Needs a Home
April 12

Food, water, shelter, space—all creatures need a habitat that provides these. Meet animals from different habitats, discover how their needs are met, and explore how animals within a habitat are interconnected. To see New Jersey animals visit the exhibit Written in the Rocks.

Appropriate for grades K-12.

Download the Teacher’s Guide for Grade Pre-K: Everybody Needs a Home
Download the Teacher’s Guide for Grades 1–12: Everybody Needs a Home
Super Scientific Circus: The Magic of Energy
April 26

In this 45 minute assembly program focusing on sustainable energy and waste solutions, you will see a living, dancing stilt tree rapping about the dangers of litter and celebrating the gifts she brings to all of our planet, a real water wheel, lights mysteriously flowing in the cycle of geothermal energy, giant pinwheels and the solar energy game show! The audience is “electrified” in a magically illustrated, participatory chant to emphasize the importance of conservation.

Appropriate for grades Preschool-5.
Academy of Natural Sciences: Discovering Dinosaurs
May 10

How do we know what dinosaurs were like? Were other animals alive during the time of dinosaurs? How were they similar to animals alive today? Explore these puzzles of paleontology and examine fossils! Discover New Jersey dinosaurs in the exhibit Written in the Rocks.

Appropriate for grades 1-6.

Download the Teacher’s Guide for Grades Pre-K–2: Discovering Dinosaurs
Download the Teacher’s Guide for Grades 3–6: Discovering Dinosaurs
Fresh Brewed Productions: The Wright Brothers - Those Daring Young Men & Their Flying Machine!
May 17

1896: The idea of human flight is only a dream, but two brothers in their Ohio bicycle shop are about to make the dream come true. This wonderful musical brings the Wright Brothers to life and flight! The airplane was first used in the military during World War 1, to discover more about that war visit the new exhibit Embattled Emblems.

Appropriate for grades 3-12.
Study Guide: The Wright Brothers - Those Daring Young Men & Their Flying Machine!
Mad Science: Wacky Science
May 18

Simple and exciting experiments to discover the process of science! Highlights include the "Famous, Flaming Didgeridoo" and the "Fantastic Flying Foam Factory” – sure to spark children's curiosity!

Appropriate for grades K-6.
TAHIRA: Gift of Story
June 7

Dramatic storyteller TAHIRA shares stories of hope, triumph and tragedy through original works and those based on African oral tradition. Playing authentic African instruments, TAHIRA touches upon tolerance, empowerment and the impact of one’s choices.

Appropriate for grades K-8.