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Manage Your Award

To access the various documents necessary to manage your award, click on the appropriate link below.

Appeals Information

Grant Agreement/Contract

Final Reports

Interim Report


Required Resources for Grantees

By the signature on the grant agreement data sheet the grantee agrees to comply with the following:

Acknowledgement of Arts Council Support

Credit Statements and Logos

Credit must be given to the Arts Council in all materials including brochures, web materials, releases and announcements of the grantee regarding all activities to which Arts Council funds contribute.

Proper crediting of the Arts Council includes the Council logo and the appropriate credit statement. Both the logo and the credit statement are to be used at all times. Exceptions due to space or other limitations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Credit Statements:

  • The language used when crediting the Arts Council should read as follows: This program is made possible in part by funds from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.
  • If this grant contains Federal funds, the following credit line shall be used: This program is made possible in part by funds from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts.


  • The Arts Council logo is to be used in conjunction with the above stated credit line and never in its place. The Arts Council logo should be the same size as any other sponsor's logo. Websites should link the Arts Council logo to the Council website,
  • The Discover Jersey Arts (DJA) logo must be used in all promotional materials including brochures, advertisements, web materials, etc. Websites should link the DJA logo to the DJA website,
  • Different versions of the Arts Council and DJA logos are provided below.

Programs and Playbills:

  • All programs and/or playbills printed by a grantee that are eight pages or larger must devote a full page to Discover Jersey Arts using one of the ads found here:
  • Credit must be given to the Arts Council on the title page of all programs printed by a grantee organization in a type size not smaller than 7 pt.

New Jersey State Council on the Arts

During Fiscal year 2017 all State Arts Council grantees and partners are asked to use the commemorative logo designed to mark the Council’s 50th Anniversary year.

Full color and grayscale files of the State Arts Council logo are available for download for use in your online and printed materials. You can also choose to use the horizontal or vertical version of the logo dependent on your layout. With questions about using the State Arts Council logo, contact us.

Full color EPS file: Horizontal / Vertical
Grayscale EPS file: Horizontal / Vertical

Full color PNG file: Horizontal / Vertical
Grayscale PNG file: Horizontal / Vertical

National Endowment for the Arts

Those programs that are co-sponsored will have additional, specific publicity requirements,dependent on the program at the time of negotiation. Under no circumstances may an organization or individual state or imply that its programs and/or activities are "sponsored" or "co-sponsored" by the Arts Council without expressed, written consent from the Arts Council.

Those organizations receiving funds through the Local Arts Grant Program are required to comply with the terms, conditions and language set forth by the county arts agency. A sub-grantee should not imply that it received funds directly from the Arts Council, but rather from a grant administered by its county arts agency.

Image Submission
Grantees are no longer required to submit images to the Arts Council.

The Arts Council may periodically reach out to grantees for images and videos for use in statewide arts promotional materials.

With questions about the acknowledgement of Arts Council support, please contact Allison Tratner at (609) 292-4524.