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Plan Endorsement Documents

Plan Endorsement Materials
Outline of PE Process [pdf 54k] 02/27/08
Municipal PE Guidelines [pdf 374k] 02/10
PE Checklist [pdf 44k] 02/10
Benefits Chart [pdf 66k] 05/01/08
Municipal Self-Assessment Template Materials
Municipal Template Report [zip 275k] 01/10/08
Rule Proposals
State Planning Rule Proposal [zip 3.5M] 04/22/09
New Jersey Register Notices
Public Notice [pdf 250k] 05/01/08
Reference Guides
Initial Plan Endorsement Guidance Documents
PE/CAFRA Policy Directive [pdf 186k] 04/19/06
PE/CAFRA SPC Resolution [pdf 143k] 04/19/06
PE Consistency Bar [pdf 142k] 04/24/06
CAFRA Consistency Bar [pdf 117k] 04/24/06
CAFRA Municipality MOU [pdf 95k] 05/01/06
PE/CAFRA Extension Notice [pdf 66k] 05/23/06
Sample Resolution & Notice [pdf 72k]12/15/06